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I'm not sure why but the thought of blogging these last few weeks just made me cringe. It's probably the fact that I'm so tired I can barely make it through the necessary routine of life and the fact that I have crazy hormones running through my body. Anyway I told myself I wasn't going to blog until that went away, so here we are no cringing to be seen and ready to blog!

Let's see where to start...I was in Farmington about 3 weeks ago and we had an absolute BLAST! I realized after I got home that Jack had been totally amused 100% of the time and he was way bored with his old life. He learned a few tricks of the trade from his wild and crazy cousins and he misses them sooo much! I stole these pictures from Leah's blog.

Our little Jack is what some would call wild but we like to think of him as free spirited! You can tell from the nicknames what I'm dealing with: 30 pound bowling ball, bulldozer, wrecking ball, bull in a china cabinet...the list goes on. He goes full speed all day long and anything or one who gets in his way is plowed down. We have been trying really hard how to be soft and give hugs instead of maul and tackle and I think he is getting the hang of it. The only problem is he wants to hug and kiss anything that moves (including the weird guy at the park the other day, time to teach him a new lesson!) Anyway I love his little personality but it just might be the death of me!

Here are some pictures we took from our weekend up at Snowbird. It was so beautiful and a much needed break from our fast paced lives. These pictures are taken from the deck of our condo...I love the mountains!

Well on to some baby news. I realize I still haven't officially announced that I'm pregnant but I think most everyone knows by now. I am feeling really good now and finally able to exercise but I still must say I just about hate everything about being pregnant...besides the fact that I get to have a beautiful baby at the end of all of this. We have found out that we are having a GIRL and I can now say that I am so excited!!! Anyone who had talked to me in the last few months knew that I was 110% percent sure that we were having another boy, well obviously I was wrong and I have found myself in an unknown territory of dress, flowers, pink, bows, and the list goes on but I have been having a blast! I am sure this little girl is going to be beautiful and amazing and we are getting anxious to meet her!

Well that's it in a very big nutshell.