Christmas morning 08'

Jack getting ready to go to sleep on Christmas eve totally clueless as to what was going to happen in the morning.
In the morning I let him open a gift from his papa and it was this darling piggy bank which he loves. He just kept staring at it because it has tractors and trucks all over it. Thanks Papa Mark!
Getting excited about going over to his cousins house! He loves his two cousins, Brody and Xander, and he knew we where going over there to open presents.
Very excited about his very own piano...thanks Gram and Peeps!
Lots of things with four wheels. He got a HUGE dump truck from Brody and Xander and a school bus from Santa. He loves anything with wheels!
This was a BIG hit. A sax from Gram and Peeps. It was the one gift he would not put down. Hopefully his love of instruments continues!
Still checking out the sax...
Showing dad his cool new toy!
I had to document the fact that Jack is OBSESSED with pianos. Heidi and Stan have this beautiful piano and Jack will play with it on and off the whole time we are there. He Sssh's everyone who talks while he is playing. Cute at first, a little annoying after 3 hours!
We had an awesome Christmas and it just gets more fun the older Jack gets. Although most of these pictures are of Jack openning presents we are trying really hard to not make it the focus of our Christmas. We really want it to be about spending time with family and loved ones and focus on the true meaning of Christmas. I am excited about starting our family traditions and making Christmas as fun and memorable as both Dan and I remember ours being! Hope everyone had a great Holiday!


It's been a busy month!

Christmas Tree
This year it was painful for me to get in the Christmas spirit but my ever so traditional husband helped move things along and now our house is filled with Christmas joy!

Jacks New Room
We finally put Jack in a "big boy" bed and it has been so great! I love the way his room turned out and we really only did minor changes. Jack LOVES his new room and has been sleeping great...why didn't I do this sooner!?!
His favorite feature are the lights above his bed. He could play with them all day!

Jack and Luke
These wto are quite the pair. I got to have Luke over for a little bit and they were cracking me up! They both have such funny personalities and have a lot of fun together. I took them both to Costco and everyone asked me if they were twins! Funny boys!
I love this picture because they both were holding a train and watching TV and Jack looks totally hammered because he just woke up from his nap.

Hope everyone has an amazing Christmas this year! We are so blessed to have so many family and friends who we love dearly. We will be thinking about you as we are remembering how lucky and grateful we are this year!
Merry Christmas!


Christmas Photos 2008

Thanks to my unbelievably talented sister-in-law we were able to catch some cute pictures. We always make it very challenging for her with a very active toddler and about 20 minutes left of light but like always she pulls it off. Thanks Kristina can't wait to see the others!