Best friends

This post is bitter sweet. Dylan has been Jack's best friend here in Cambodia and he was the one friend that he was so excited to see when we came back. We have had so much fun with them but (and here is the bitter part) he just moved away.

I hope that they stay pen pals and life long friends!

Dylan we will miss you! We will also miss Emma (my best friend here) and Nia (Jane's best friend). We are so sad to see you leave but we hope you have a wonderful time in England and we hope to visit you at your new home in Manila! 


I am slightly frightened at how Jane's eyes fit perfectly in this mask.

Notice Jack the "money guy" in the back. Thats what he calls himself when he is wearing his sunglasses.

S  C  A  R  Y

Jumping Bean

Have I mentioned how much I am in LOVE with this little dream boat! Ben is still the best ever! He has 2 teeth, sleeps all night, smiles all the time, and laughs at his brother and sister.

I'm not saying that I have a favorite child but....he is pretty awesome!


A day at the beach

We decided to take a little trip to the beach. We had a really good time but if I had to be completely honest I will say that the beach that I had been missing and dreaming about for years left me with crying sandy babies at the end of the day. So to the beach...I will see you again either without any kids or when they are all old enough to clean their sandy bums themselves!

The resort had an amazing pool and that is where we spent the most of our time.

I made a real effort to try and make the kids look like bonifide tourists!

The circle bed...Jack thought it was the coolest thing EVER! Ben thought it was pretty cool too!
View of the pool from our deck

Love this picture of Jack looking at the ocean. I am 99.9% sure he is looking for whales and sharks.

Shark Boy

Some pictures taken on our drive along the coast

I was a little nervous that this big guy was going to charge the car.
The beach at dusk...so pretty. Reminded me why I love the beach so much!

At the end of the vacation we were all a little tuckered out...especially this guy!
Stay tuned for our next vacation. We are thinking Bangkok in the next month. By then we will be more then ready for a modern mall, a movie theater, and some really yummy Thai food!