all dressed up

I have a ton of pictures to post but I'm just to dang tired right now to do it so here are just a few to hold you over. I can't get enough of these two kiddos. I love watching them become closer each day!


Chicken Hawk

When Paul stayed with us a couple of weeks ago he was calling Jane "chicken hawk" and it has become one of her nicknames.

I don't know why but I just couldn't decide what pictures to post so I just posted them all. She is so yummy and I just can't get enough. I won't brag but I have the cutest little girl around! ;)

See I told you the cutest girl around!

Jackie Chan

Here are some pictures of my little man. He is so much fun and keeps me very busy.

he loves climbing on anything!

So right yet so very wrong. Jack LOVES his rain boots and for some reason wears them on the wrong feet every time!
Got to love those babies blues!
My two guys. We are LOVING the weather. Nothing better then running in the sprinklers and eating Popsicle!

Today we had a rain storm for about 30 minutes but it was one of those great storms where its still 80 degrees outside so I let Jack go wild and he loved it!

I just love this boy and while he is still a little ball of energy he is growing into such a good big boy!


Mothers day

I am overwhelmed with such gratitude today. I know mother's day is all about spoiling mom's for one day and making them feel extra special, which is exactly what happened at my house today but for me especially on this mothers day I just could not stop thinking about two little people who made it all possible. Jack and Jane are the two most sweet loving little kids around and I am thankful everyday for being blessed with such amazing little spirits to watch after.

Jack is really growing up these day's. He makes me laugh all day long with his sweet smile and funny personality. He is so smart and just the coolest little kid around.

Jane is the sweetest little girl. She melts my heart everyday with her sweet spirit. She is beautiful and happy and such an easy fun baby.

I try to be a modest person not really bragging about the blessed life that we have but when it comes to my kids I have a really hard time holding back. They are the best and if you don't believe me just ask their dad! HA!

I would also like to thank my mom. She is the best a girl could ask for. I go to her for everything whether I'm happy or sad she is always there. I am so luck to have a mom that is beautiful, smart, loving, caring, sensitive, strong, healthy, spiritual, and fun! The list could really go on forever! Happy mothers day mom we love you!

changing is fun

Jane has already been bit by the fashion bug. She loves getting dressed and I can really tell that she just feels better when she has a really great outfit on. ;) Any girl can attest to that!

In some hand-me-down jammies she isn't really feelin it! Jack crawled into bed with her that could also be one of the things she isn't really feelin!
In the bath trying to start the day out yummy and clean

First outfit. She really likes the pretty flowers and she told me she feels like spring in this dress and I have to agree.

She decided she was sick of looking like spring (aka she spit up all over it) so we decided to go with cute little school girl. She was really into it for about an hour...

but then she decided to spit up all over that one too so on to easy and breezy. One of our favorites around our house cute but casual.
We may of had many wardrobe changes but I loved every second of it. Girls are soooo fun!