Jack's 3!

Jack the 3 year old

He can't get enough of his dinosaur obsession
he is VERY popular with all the teachers at school
he will play with anyone who will play with him
he is NICEST big brother ever
he is full of energy but crashes each night for a solid 12 hours
he is still the pickiest eater ever
he gives the best hugs
he loves to swim and does almost everyday
he will read books all day long
he was born to travel
he is my best little buddy

He is a BIG BOY and we are so in LOVE with him!


We had so much fun on Jacks Birthday. We went to the mall, played on the slides, went swimming (I''ll post pictures soon), had pizza, and blew out candles.
The day before Jack brought cupcakes to his class and was thrilled to death when his friends sung happy birthday to HIM!

{Here are a few Birthday cake pictures from the babies birthday last week}


Jane Taylor is ONE

Sweet Jane
Today you are ONE

you are crawling everywhere
you smile at everyone
you love every man that comes your way
you're playing with your big brother
you're learning how to walk
you only eating foods that have LOTS of flavor
you're keeping me up all night :)
you're saying momma, dada, Jack, whats that, and lots of cute jibber jabber
you are still the cutest thing we have ever seen
you turn heads everywhere we go
you just want to party and have fun

You are our Jane
and have been melting our hearts now for 365 days

{thank you Kristina for the beautiful pictures}