Happy Halloween

Our little pack.

The whole gang!

Jack and Dad.

Jack and Mom ready for some Halloween fun!

These are his best puppy dog faces!
Happy Halloween! We had so much fun for Jacks 1st Halloween. We were a little pack of puppies this year and Jack was pretty dog gone cute! Heidi, Stan and the boys came over and we went to one of their neighbors barn yard parties. You can always count on Heidi and Stan for a good time.


Almost Halloween

Happy Halloween

This first picture makes me laugh every time I see it. Jack looks like such a big boy standing next to that scary old witch! I had to steal the other picture from Kristina's blog because I loved it so much! Jack is with his Uncle Ben who he loves and he is laughing hysterically at Bella in this picture. I just love that smile! I would just like to say now that I am fully expecting everyone to post pictures of their little ghosts and goblins as quickly as possible after Halloween. Trick or Treat!!!


Family, Friends, and Fun in Farmington

Pajama Party!
The kids had so much fun posing for the camera. Jack thinks the girls are the funniest and the girls love to give Jack lots of kisses! I love seeing the girls I miss them so much when I am in Utah, they are getting so big and have so much fun playing with Jack. Chloe loves to hold him...she was in hog heaven during the pictures.
I love these kids...they are so sweet!

This picture cracks me up because look at Ellie and Jack's face...zoned out! Jack is Ellie's brother from another mother!
Funny Faces!
Friends and new faces
I was so excited because Stephanie my very good friend from high school was in Farmington at the same time I was. I had no idea she was going to be there but I was looking at her blog and sure enough she had writen that she and her 2 month old baby Jake were flying in (thank you blogger!). Jake is a big boy and so cute! Jack was very interested in him and had a hard time controling himself!
Steph it was so good to see you, you and you baby both look great!
Jack testing the waters...

Getting a little closer...

A little too close...sorry Jake!

Me and Steph with our boys. So much fun!

Fun with Gram

We had so much fun this trip. I love coming down to Farmington and hanging with my favorite people. My two best friends, my mom and leah, both live here and I go crazy when I go for to long without seeing them. Here are some pictures from our day out with Gram.

Jack and Gram. Jack loves his Gram...especially when she is scratching his back!

Me and Jack ready for a fun day.

Jack and Ellie playing at Grannys house.

Thanks everyone for such a fun trip. Leah you are the best thanks for coming and getting me. Mom I need to clone you so I can have you up in Salt Lake too! I look foward to many more visits in the future!


Gardner Village

There is the cutest place here in SLC called "Gardner Village". It has the cutest little stores and they are all in these cute old fashion homes. During Halloween they decorate it with these hilarious larger than life witches. The other day my sister-in-law Heidi and her two cute boys Brody and Xander went down there to take some pictures. The boys all had a lot of fun and it really got me excited for Halloween! Thanks for snapping some great shots Heidi!

Sweatshirt Weather!

Well I am sure I will be taking this all back in a few months but I am so glad it is finally getting a little colder. I love pulling out all of my sweaters and bundling up! Here are a few pictures I snapped of Jack just before leaving the house. He is getting so big! He is cruising through our whole house and can basically get into everything! He is a little ball of energy and keeps me on my toes but he is so funny that most of the time I don't mind. I don't know what I am going to do when it is to cold to leave the house...we will both go stir crazy! But until then we will enjoy the cool weather!


My little cowboy

Just a couple of pictures I took when Jack looked especially cute. He is getting so good at posing for Mom!


Papa Mark's visit

Dad and Sandy posing with the babies.

Hungry boys ready to eat.

This weekend my Dad and Sandy came up for a quick visit. We ate a ton of really good food and just enjoyed spending time together. Sandy had the magic touch with Jack she could get him to sit on her lap for long periods of time (which is almost impossible). Jack really liked Papa Marks furry face...I've never met a baby who doesn't like my dad! We are really glad they decided to come it's always fun to get to see them. Thanks guys!



The two Luke's. Look how different they look!

Luke looking cute as ever in Olea's bow! Hopefully Brandon never sees this picture he will be so mad at me!

All the kids lined up.

By the end everyone was getting a little tired!

They other day we had another play date with all the cousins and like always it was a lot of fun! We have decided that every time we get together we are going to take a picture to track how big they are getting. We had some pretty funny moments that we caught on camera. Hope you enjoy!


Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary and to celebrate we went to a place called Log Haven. Our brother-in-law Kevin is the executive chef there and let me tell you it pays to know the chef! Its located in Milcreek Canyon which has to be one of the most beautiful places on earth! The leaves were changing and we had a panoramic view from our seats...it was breathtaking. Kevin was so kind to do a tasting menu just for us. It had 6 courses and it was the BEST food I had ever had. We ate so much they practically had to roll us out of there. It was so much fun and Kevin- Thank you, thank you, thank you! You really made our night special. I posted a our own special menu just so you all could get what I am talking about. All of you Utahans out there have got to try this place...it is the best!


Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy Birthday to my smart, beautiful, thoughtful, and funny sister Leah. You are my best friend and I cant imagine life without you. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday and I can't wait to celebrate with you in person. I LOVE YOU!