Balancing Act

Here is Jack's new trick! He has the best balance! It is really so funny to see him do this because you look at it and think there is no way and then he stands and he is so proud of himself and I am sitting there shocked that he could do it. The picture is poor quality because I snapped it with my phone but I'm just glad I caught it! Maybe he will be a gymnast...he almost has his somersaults down! :)

Jack standing on top of his play lion.


Before and After

I finally did it! I cut my little boys hair. It was a more emotional then I thought it would be. I am sure I was driving the girl who cut his hair crazy! I was so stressed about her cutting it too short (which she did!). Considering he was a squirmy one I decided it turned out alright, but I will let you be the judge.

The before

Way too long!!!

Scary...is that wolverine?

The back. I could seriously pull it back in a ponytail...poor thing!

The After
Look at that handsome face...you can finally see it again!

Side profile. I am so glad that the mowhawk is back!

It really is amazing what a hair cut can do.

The back...no more pony tails!

As a quick side not. Jack is always in his high chair when I take pictures of him because it is the only place where I can contain him. He is also in a onsie because I was feeding him lunch and believe me he can ruin clothes faster then I can wash them!

The Hair Cut
Jack was in heaven they had this cool fire truck to sit in and had Little Einsteins playing on TV.

He did pretty good. He was really squirmy but only because he wanted to play with the fire truck...who can blame the kid!?!

I don't really know where this face came from but it's pretty funny!

All done! They gave him a balloon and he was stoked! He cried when we left. Hair cuts should not be this fun!



Jack and I just got back from a 2 week trip to Farmington. I will just start by saying that 2 weeks is WAY too long for a 1 year old but we survived and will take some really awesome memories with us.

We loved hanging out with Gram and Peeps, we wish that we could see them more. I could tell that Jack got really close to both of them. My mom help me sooo much while I was there and I honestly would not have made it if she wasn't so great!

I loved spending time with two of my favorite girls, my nieces Chloe and Ellie. They are such cool girls and always fun to be with. I really bonded with both of them because I got to spend some time with each of them alone. I LOVE THEM!

Leah my sister got married on March 8th and it was so beautiful! I am so excited for her and this new chapter of her life. She moved into a beautiful house and I loved helping her put it together! She did such an awesome job, it looks amazing!

Paul like always was so much fun to be around! He had Jack laughing like I have never heard him laugh before.

I got to spend a lot of time with my long time best friend Lyndsie. I normally have so much family stuff going on that I barely get to see her but because I was there for soooo long I got to hang out with her quit a bit. She is always fun to be with and she is great comic relief!

So besides Jack getting ALL 4 molars, me getting zero sleep, both of us getting sick, stress, and Dan not making it down for the wedding...we had a great time! We love and miss you all!!!

Two reasons why we love Grams house. It is sooo comfy and cozy and we get to bond with family!

Forts and clean up!

Paul is the most fun uncle around! The girls go crazy when he is there and they had been bugging him all day to make a fort. While most people would have just thrown a blanket over a chair and called it good, Paul went the extra mile and engineered a massive fort.

Making sure it is stable and strong.

A view from the inside.

The finished product.

Jack loved to help gram swifter her floors. He would follow her all throughout the house as long as he could hold on to the swifter. I am hoping that this desire to clean continues as he gets older!!!
Look at that shaggy hair. This trip has made me decided to give in and cut his hair. His dad does not agree but i can't handle his wild hair anymore!


Berg Park

One of my favorite places in Farmington is Berg Park. It really is a river walk with really cool trails and bridges that go across the river. It was so warm one day we decided to take the kids out to get some much needed vitamin D. Jack walked the WHOLE way. If we tried to pick him up he squirmed until you let him back down. He loves being outside and he loved walking with Peeps and Gram.

Doing what boys do best.

Walking with Peeps and Grams. Can you see the walking stick? Jack loved to hold it while they walked.

Jack and Peeps really bonded this trip!

And Grams might be his favorite person now!

We had a little picnic. I love spring days like this!

Chloe and Ellie are little monkeys! They were having so much fun running around and feeding the ducks!

We saw this kid riding on a tractor bike and I thought it was so funny! Jack was seriously checking out this kids ride! He told us he was a sheriff and caught bad guys! Funny!

I wish so badly that I lived closer to all of my family. It makes me sad when I see Jack get so close to them and then I have to leave! This day will go down in the books as a great memory...thanks guys!