Christmas Day

ah...the blessed moment of finally getting to see the loot!
It was so fun to see Jack's face when he saw all of the din-O-suars that Santa brought.
talk about heaven for this kid
all the goods that jolly old saint nic brought
The baby liked all her toys and everyone else's toys but most of all she liked this apple.
Classic "can you believe it" face from Chloe
Ellie and her new best friend Mr. Ipod
Christmas was so much fun! I love living vicariously through the little ones as they experience all the fun of the holiday's.

A little note for Santa: All I want for Christmas next year is my handsome hubby by my side!


Jingle Bells

I can't even begin to explain how great it has been to be home for Christmas! Having Dan here would have made it perfect...we are missing him terribly! Luckily I have the most unselfish husband in the world. He knew how important it would be for us to be home and for the kids to have a real Christmas filled with all the magic and fun we both had growing up!

Christmas Eve we had the age old tradition of opening PJ's.

Jane is loving the carpet and has become a crazy lady. She is absolutely LOVING all the attention from the girls, her Auntie Leah, and her Gram and Peeps!

Nora came over and we got all the little kiddos together for a picture. So cute!
Two peas in a pod
So cute in their new jammies!


Well we made it after a VERY long trip and we are so glad! One of the things we were excited to see was SNOW and we weren't disappointed. Jack was so excited to get out and play he didn't even care about his pretty pink pants. They had fun but like most snow days it was short lived. Jack was back inside in about 15 minutes because his hands were cold. I now remember that that I never really liked the snow :)


Haircut from H *E* double hockey sticks

I have been on a blogging hiatus of late, mainly because my camera has decided to not turn on. I have also been accused of not really talking a whole lot about my new home. {Actually its kind of funny if you didn't know me or my situation you could read my blog and completely miss the fact that I live on the other end of the world} so here you go people a post with a Cambodian story to boot!

It all started the other day when I mentioned to my driver that Jack really needed a haircut. My driver is a branch president here and also my nannies father and he cheerfully told me about this great little place right by the house where a man of over 20 years of experience and has cut many of the missionaries hair. He also told me it was only $1 and since Jack's last haircut was a whooping $2 I thought...DEAL! So the next day we headed over after picking Jack up from school. I was a little distracted putting Jacks shoes on that I didn't see the place when he park but when I got out of the car I just about died right there.

Picture this: 4x4 wood shack, never been cleaned in all the 20 years of experience {I am sure of it}, a chair with a wood plank set over the handle bars for Jack's seat, and a cape with who knows what on it...i am hyperventilating by now and wondering how the h I can get out of this! Well they don't give me the chance because they pick Jack up and shoe me out of the shack! I couldn't believe it I mean I am the mom who literally has repositioned the haircutters hand just to make sure she gets it right!!!! And they are telling me to get out! FAT CHANCE! I walk back in {too late} and watch on in HORROR as the barber hacks at Jacks hair. I try to have him make a few changes to make it look half way decent and think that it is all over until he picks up the nastiest looking brush and before I can say NOOOOOO!!!!!! brushes Jacks hair. I don't even want to think about who has had their hair brushed with that brush...I still shiver every time just thinking about. I quickly paid my buck and hightailed it out of there praying that Jack would not have lice.

I got home, threw jack in a HOT bath, scrubbed until he was red and have been checking his scalp ever since. No creepy crawlies which has only increased my faith in prayer! The cut is a little scary but nothing a little pomade can't fix. The only real damage are my emotional scars! Next time I think I'll pay the additional dollar!



This picture is not related to the post but I love it!
I love how Jack looks right before he leaves to school. For a brief moment he is clean, smells yummy, and is so happy!

Kid Updates
Jack is stilling loving school and I am sure he has a little crush on his teacher! He loves to sing and dance and still talks about Dinosaurs all day long. His favorite place is the mall {I think it has something to do with the cheap toys we buy him every time we go} and he loves when we pick him up in a tuk tuk {I post a picture of one later}. He loves going to church and nursery and calls the little girl in his class Coco. Jacks favorite food is rice...thank goodness for that, but he would still rather live on a liquid diet. He has decided to call me Rachael 80% of the time and he is the nicest big brother a sister could ask for!

Jane is so dang funny! She makes us laugh all day long. She is finally crawling but would much rather cruise in her walker. She knows exactly what she wants and is very determined to get it. Boy this girl has got a temper she shakes she gets so mad. She loves playing patty cake, saying no {shaking her head}, waving, Elmo, her blankie, and her big brother. She is getting her 9th and 10th tooth {her first molars} and lets just say...not fun! She is saying moma, dada, and I pretty sure a few Cambodian words!?! She is such a good eater and will eat anything I am eating but if she is finished watch out because she loves to spit it right back at you. Her smile can brighten up any room and lucky for us she smiles all the time!

Pool Time

Ahh the pool...
The is something very satisfying about taking a dip in our pool while others are shoveling there driveways!!! ;)
{Just one of the perks of our tropical weather.}

This girl is a hoot she goes crazy in the water

The kids absolutely LOVE the water and would go swimming all day everyday if they could.

{Our little frog friend join us for a swim.}



These two kiddos make me laugh all day long!


Dinos & Kittens

Halloween is less then popular here in Cambodia so it was up to me to be creative and keep this fun little holiday alive.

We substituted a creepy and cold fall night moon with a creepy and hot day sun.Jack was a Dinosaur {of course} and I used eye shadow and eye liner to make the look.
He really loved his sharp teeth!
Jack liked the green effect I put on this picture. He thought he REALLY looked like a Dino!
So funny
I LOVE this picture Dan got of Jack looking at himself.
He thinks he looks pretty scary!
Doing his best Dino pose!
My cute little Kitty!
Got to love those cheeks!

I just LOVE this little girl!
She looks pretty stinkin cute with eye liner all over her cheeks!
It was a challenge to try and find a proper Halloween menu but I think in the end it all came together. I made a Potatoe soup, fruit salad, a ghost PB and Honey sandwich, rolls, and a plate full of Halloween cookies, chocolate, and gummy bears.
Jack was having a hard time concentrating on his food with this plate of yummies! I figured we could splurge a little since back in the states he would have eaten a pound of candy.
Our little homemade Halloween was actually a lot of fun! I do miss this time of year back in the states but we are having fun creating new and interesting traditions!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

Water Festival

Jack's school had a party that celebrated WATER FESTIVAL a big celebration here were people from all over the country {they say over a million} come to the city to watch and participate in boat races.
The party was really fun and Jack had a blast playing with all the water games they had set up for the kids. Now we have a week off for the holiday and I think Jack is going to go through some serious withdrawls...he LOVES school!

{Pure bliss}
Having fun spraying Dad with the water bottle.
One of the teachers showing him how to play a game.
He quickly got the hang of it and was off to win the race!
can't get too much happier then this...

Gosh he really loves water bottles! Talk about cheap entertainment!

I LOVE my Jack!