The many faces of Jack: Part 2

I just can't get enough of this kid! He is so fun and loving lately I could just squeeze and kiss him all day long. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving weekend!

Little side note: These were all taken last night during bath time. He was cracking us up!



I took Jack to the Aquarium today and to my delightful surprise Jack absolutely loved it! I have never seen this kids stand and watch something for so long! He loved the jellyfish and the big tanks full of lots of colorful tropical fish.

I mean seriously I have never been able to get a picture of Jack this close without it being blurry!

We went with two of Jacks favorite pals, Luke Fisher (cousin) and Daxton Cannon (neighbor).

Could not get enough of it. He was saying "shish" (fish) the whole time.

He also was saying Ooh! the whole time too.

Anyway I am now a big fan of the Aquarium and even better a season pass was only $15...can't beat it!


Halloween 08

We had two fun filled nights of Halloween, candy, and costumes...and I am exhausted! Here are some pictures of our little "captain Jack".

I had to throw this picture in because it is with him and some of his friends and well it was pretty hilarious trying to catch a picture and believe it or not this was the best one.

Jack with his cousins Brody and Xander. He had a blast running up and down our street with them.
Jack and the "proud peacock" a.k.a. Luke Fisher. These two boys are sooo funny and everyone thinks they are brothers.