2 years of Bliss!

The slide show to the right has pictures of Dan and I getting married in Hawaii. It's not quite our anniversary yet but I thought it would be fun to have a little reminder of how romantic we once were ;) I feel really blessed that I am married to such an awesome guy he is my best friend. So here's to 2 years of marital bliss and many many more.


Happy Boy

Smiles and slobber usually go hand in hand

It took a long time to get this picture with Jack-he is such a wiggle worm!
Here are some random pictures I took the other day for no particular reason. As you can see Jack is hammered from a day of rough and tumble playing but he was being so funny that I had to whip out the camera. In the first few pictures he is in his play pin (the only way I am staying sane at the moment) he was being so cute laughing and smiling. I love having a happy boy!


Home is where the heart is

A couple of people have been asking me what my house looks like so I thought it would be fun to take some shots and document it. I also thought it would be fun for Jack to one day see what his house looked like when he was little. It is a work in progress like most things are but it's our home and we love it. So here it is...

Here is our latest addition to our home. For the longest time our basement served as one giant guest bedroom but recently we decided to renovate it and make it our family/playroom. I love it now. We spend most of our time down there and Jack can roam around as he pleases. Dan is very proud of his TV (say hi to Reg and Kelly!) and I love the big comfy sofa! The playroom has been a lot of fun. It's nice to have a place were kids can have fun!

This is our kitchen. We remodeled it about a year and a half ago and anyone who has been through a kitchen remodel I know you feel our pain. In the end it was defiantly worth it. We spend a lot of time in here. In the last picture you can see the "Wall of Fame" This is a wall that is dedicated to our friends and family and trying to capture the fun times we have had. It is full of polariods and if you ever come to my house you better be ready to pose!

Here are pictures of the study and the formal living room. Notice the study is a little cluttered and messy. I'm going to go ahead and blame that on Dan (sorry honey!) We took out the TV in the living room and surprisingly I love it. Its a great place to sit down and talk, read, or listen to music. We love to have friends and family over for dinner and fun.

These are shots of Jacks room. His room is my favorite room in the house. I love rocking him and playing with him in there. He has started to explore his surroundings and it is really funny. Now that he is standing in his crib he has left lots of bite marks and chipped paint. I guess he is leaving his mark for the next baby.

Here are some shots of the guest bedroom (first 2pics) and my bedroom (3rd pic.) Both beds are from Ikea...I love that place. My bedroom is a work in progress. This was Dan's bed before I met him and I fight him on a change but he is not budging! I guess a bed is a bed! The guest bedroom doubles as a catch all room but it is always available so come visit us!


A Birthday fit for a Princess

Bella's Princess getup

The kids looking at the lizards

Jack and Olea joined in the fun!

Today Jack and I went down to Provo to celebrate Bella's 3rd Birthday. It was a Princess party and boy was it a royal affair! Bella looked cute as ever decked out in her birthday suit. Ben (my bro) was in charge of activities and what party would be complete with out a competitive lizard race? (You can see Bella caring around the cage that held the poor lizards!) They also had a pinata and tons of yummy food to snack on. Needless to say the kids had a blast!


Jack hanging with the boys

Brody with Jack. Brody hates to wear a shirt and Jack loves to stick out his tongue!

Xander, Brody, and Jack. Look how big Jack looks!

Jack loves playing with Xanders toys!

Jack loves his cousins Brody and Xander. He is always watching their every move and he wants to be big like them so bad! Brody is constantly trying to entertain Jack and I think Xander really likes him when he's not trying to put one of his toys in his mouth. We sure do love them they are such good cousins to Jack and the coolest nephews around!


Cousins at the park

Jack was cracking Olea up!

Jack and I went to the park in Provo today to play with Kristina, Bella and Olea. Jack and Olea were having so much fun playing on the grass. I can't wait until these two get big- I just know they will be the best of friends! Olea could not be cuter...she has the yummiest legs and the sweetest smile. Jack is all over the place and he especially loves crawling outside...he feels free and I feel tired!!!


Park City Weekend

Jack loved the carousal

My favorite boys!

Jack and Sean in the kitchen (I think Jack was bugging Sean! =)

View from our deck

Our really good friends the Barnhisel's (Randy, Melissa, & Sean) had the great idea of getting a condo for the weekend in Park City. Melissa searched for countless hours to find the perfect condo and boy did she ever. I think we were all ready to move in when we saw it for the first time. It had great views of the mountains and downtown, decks on every level, a hot tub, and tons of room for everyone to relax. It was so nice to be up in the mountains and enjoy the cool fall air. We caught a couple of pictures of us at Park City Ski resort. It was so beautiful the leaves are changing and it was just fun to be with family and good friends.