BonVoyage Party

We had a little going away party for our dear friends Mattie and Thomas. Mattie happens to be obsessed with Airplanes or anything having to do with travelling in general so what better way to say BonVoyage then to through a party all about traveling.

The kids making their passports.

The cake! Isn't it rad! I wish I could take credit but a cute little bakery here makes the most beautiful cakes ever!

The girl of the hour and her cake!

Checking out the passports with there airplane wings on.

Other activities included face painting and loading up there carry-on bag with lots of travel sized goodies!

It was so much fun! The kids all had a blast and were totally into it. The theme was perfect for this group of international travelers!

Of course the sad part was the actual BonVoyage part! We miss these guys so much but hope them the best in their new home in Kenya. Now time to start planning my trip to see them!