Take a number

Found these cute stacking number blocks at the local market. Jack decided they made great hats for us all. The cutest block heads I've ever seen!

sights of the streets

Some sights from the streets of Cambodia.

Who needs a truck when you have a scooter.
Nuts or coconuts, you decide.
Just chillin. Lots of people sitting around and waiting. I'm going to find out some day what they are waiting for.
Duck anyone?
just in case you were wondering...it's a lexus!
Street corner waiting for a light
No shortage of tires here.


the journey

Well we made it!

That was a huge accomplishment for me. I know feel like I can move mountains after traveling 24 + hours with two kids. The kids did amazing and exceeded every expectation I had (my expectations included screaming kids for 24 + hours).

We arrived on Monday and have been trying to settle in and adjust to our new home. It is a little different to say the least but we are slowly taking it in...baby steps!

My friend Sam has been my travel buddy aka guardian angel, aka life saver, aka Jacks new best buddy! I could not have done it without her and I would hate to see what would have happened if I would not have had help...i'm invisioning world war 3 but possibly bloodier.

A little about my new home. Its hot, it's humid, its total chaos. But its also beautiful, the people are AMAZINGLY nice, and there is culture to be seen around every corner. I think it is going to be this constant balance struggle of me loving it and not so much loving it at the same time.

Our little Jane is a celebrity. I expect to see her face plastered all over Asian Facebook very soon. Everyone wants to kiss, hold, and take her picture. Jack on the other hand always has a grumpy face so they usually go for jolly miss jane!

Here are a few pics. I have been so bad about taking them but I promise I will get better.

Jack feeding Zumbo the elephant. Literally a dream come true for this boy.

Riding the elephant!

The royal palace gates

National muesem

A very common occurance. People clamering all over the babies. Can you say hand sanitizer!
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Love and miss you all. Please keep in touch and leave your email if you think I don't have it.


chicken and turkey

Meet my little chicken...ain't she cute!

Here is my turkey and his favorite rain boots!
Chicken and turkey together.

Man oh man I love these kiddos!
Thanks Aunt Kristina, you have out done yourself again! Can't wait to see more!

Just in case anyone is curious it is one more week until take off! We leave the 22nd.