Jacks new tricks

Lately Jack has been surprising Dan and I with some new tricks he has learned...

It's official, Jack is walking! I am a little late posting this news he has been walking for about 2 weeks and getting better everyday. This has opened up a whole new world for him and has changed my life significantly as well! He has found a way to climb over (or under) any obstacle I put in his way. He is a determined little guy!
He still loves to cruise on his hands in knees, especially when he is trying to run away from mom. He is much quicker that way!
Another note worthy trick is the squishy face! He loves to be silly and he is find interesting ways to express it! Here are a few shoots of his new favorite face!
Even when he eats!
He really likes his new big boy chair and we have switched from "baby" Einsteins to the much more mature "little" Einsteins!
He has also learned to always be prepared. He likes to tote around a 2nd pacifier just in case he loses the one in his mouth.
Lately it seems that my little baby is not so little anymore. He is growing up so quickly! He is always amazing me at how smart, strong, and HEAVY he is. We are excited for his first Christmas and soon to be 1st B-day!



I am making a sacrifice and posting this picture that I really don't like of me because it was the only one of all four of us. I hate when that happens! :)

Jack started to be a little naughty!

Nat and Lillie (Happy 1st B-day Lil!)

My friend from AZ Natalie and her daughter Lillie came to visit last week. We only had a few hours but still had such a good time visiting and meeting each others kids. Jack and Lillie had a good time playing until Jack started being little bully. He was head butting, pulling hair and bitting Lillie--YIKES! Despite feeling bad about Jack's mean streak we still had a ton of fun. Thanks Nat I always love to see you, come back soon!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree!

Here is Jack modeling his daddy's favorite hat.

Jack Frost

This picture cracks me up. He is really thinking hard about that carrot nose!

Here is Jack with Frosty. Isn't Christmas so much more fun with kids around...I love it!


Family Photo's

I am so excited because the very talented and beautiful Kristina was so kind to take our pictures for Christmas. Here is a little sample of some of the shots we got. Thank you so much Kristina! And to all of you who are looking for an amazing photographer you can go to Kristina's link on my family and friends section.

What the ELF!?!

We've been elfed!!! You have got to see this! I was dying laughing and once you look at mine please, please, please do your own and post it!!!

Paste this address into your browser to see...


Happy Holidays!



Family picture before we left for Thanksgiving dinner.

Leah and I at Log Haven where we ate a very yummy Thanksgiving.

The before and after of the turkey. Leah and I were so proud!

The finished product! It was so scary to cook Thanksgiving for the first time!!!

Well I finally have managed to post Thanksgiving pictures. I was exhausted after our fun filled week and just barely mustard up the energy to blog! We had such a great Holiday. Leah came down on Wednesday and we had a lot of fun shopping and eating (our two favorite things!). We went to Log Haven for our Thanksgiving dinner and it was so delicious, Kevin really out did himself! I was perfectly happy with that being our Thanksgiving dinner but my sentimental husband decided he really needed the traditional meal. So on Friday night Leah and I made Thanksgiving dinner for family. We were so proud of our turkey and I finally learned how to make my moms famous stuffing...Yum! After all that food I am at least 10 pounds heavier and I really need the new year to come quickly so I can make my new years resolution and start working out! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


Family heritage

Grandad as a little boy. From left to right: Grandad, Aunt Carmen, Uncle Wig, Aunt Irene

Granny and Grandad's wedding portrait. What a handsome couple!

A young Granny. She is so beautiful!

The 4 oldest Cardon kids. From left to right: Pam, Doug, Diane, and Butch

The whole family minus Jimmy (Sorry Jimmy!). Top row: Granny, Butch, Pam, Grandad
Bottom row: Sam (in Granny's arms), Diane, Kathie, Doug, and Peggy

Young Grandad. So Handsome!

Granny's glamor shot!

Granny holding the twins, Doug and Diane, and Pam standing.

To all of my family I am so thankful for each and every one of you. I feel very blessed to have come from such an amazing heritage and I am excited about carrying on that heritage with my own family. These are pictures that my mom let me borrow. I have scanned them and decided to post them on my blog so that anyone in the family can come here and save the images to their own computer.

I can't think of a better time then Thanksgiving to be grateful for my heritage. Granny and Grandad are the most amazing people I have ever met. I know I wouldn't be where I am or who I am today if it wasn't for them.


Pictures of Jack that Kristina took. She is the best photographer...so creative!


Jack and Olea. They are becoming cute little pals.

We are missing Luke West from this picture because he was snoozing.

We had another cousin get together and like always it was a lot of fun. We were able to solve all the worlds problems like what Hailey is going to where to Mamie's wedding and what we should cook for dinner (you know all the important things in life!). I stole all of the pictures from Kristina because she caught some great ones and I did not. Thanks girls can't wait till next time!


Family Time

Sunday morning eating breakfast.
Does this picture remind anybody else of Zoolander? LOL! He is already learned the pouty face so he can get what he wants...TROUBLE!

We snapped a few pictures of Jack before church last Sunday because I thought he looked particularly cute. I love his hair in these pictures, unfortunately it only stays like that for about 10 minutes.

Jack and his dad...my two studs!

Me and Jack. I was gearing up for the wrestling match that inevitable happens at church. Fortunately he was a sweet little boy!

We had a really good Sunday spending time with our little family. Dan had to head out of town the next day and it was a really long week for everyone! I didn't have my computer which is the reason no one has heard from me and I have to admit I was going through blogging withdraws...a little scary I know! I am so glad that Dan is back safe and sound and can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with family.


Fun in the tub

Jack, Bella, and Olea (Jacks cousins) were playing hard all day so we decided to throw them in the bath or as Ben would say create a blogging moment ;)

Say cheese!

Jack loves to drink the water!

Dan has always help me with bath time. He is such a good dad and I am soooo lucky!

Bath time has always been Jacks favorite pass time. Every night at about 8:00 we take him up stairs and turn on the water and he starts going crazy...we can't get him in the tub fast enough! We love watching him play and splash. Kristina gave me that tub seat for my baby shower and let me tell you I owe her! Our little wild man is hard to contain without it!


More Hats

Well we all know how much I love a good hat! Here are some hats from Jacks winter collection ;) if anyone knows a good place to find beenies let me know I've been on the look out for them!