Jack's 1st Birthday

Happy Birthday Jack!

I can't believe that one year ago we were holding you in our arms for the very first time! You have blessed our lives with so much joy and meaning. You are the sweetest little boy and we love to watch you as you learn and grow. We love you!

Kristina once again delivered on her photo's. We are so lucky to have someone so talented around. I always have such a hard time picking out my favorites so thats why there are so many pictures. Thanks Kristina you're the best!


I hope they call me on a mission...

Dan's little brother who is attending BYU was ordained yesterday night and we got to go! They decided to do it in his dorm room and I guess thats ok if you attend BYU! It was such a neat blessing and I couldn't help but think about Jack one day going through the same thing. He is growing up so fast and it seems to be faster then I want it to be!

We are so happy for Alex and for this next big step in his life. I know he will be such an awesome missionary, he has such a pure heart! I have predicted Russia and I found out that Heidi and Debbie have both predicted the same! I guess we will wait and see!

The whole group minus Heidi, she was taking the picture.

Dan and Alex

Alex, Ed (Dan's Dad and Jack's Grandpa!), and Dan

All the boys: Alex, Ed, Stan, and Dan

I wanted to take a few shots before we left since I had managed to get Jack and myself ready and since it was so pretty outside with all the snow.

Jack was desperate to get down and play!

He loves to roam around outside!

Wondering what are the white stuff is!?!

Weekend Visitors

So my mom and Leah took the long weekend to come up to Utah and go furniture shopping for her new humongous house! My mom was so kind to come up with her so that she could babysit while Leah and I ran around the valley like chickens with our heads cute off! I'm not sure who had the more daunting task, Leah and I having to furnish her house in one day or my mom wrestling a 5 year old, a 4 year old, and a 1 year old...probably my mom :)

I am so sad because I didn't get any pictures of the girls but they were so much fun to have here. I always love when they come to see me. My nieces are the COOLEST girls I know! So smart, creative, and beautiful!

Here is a picture I took of Jack and my mom. Jack has a very special bond with his gram! He always seems so peaceful around her. That is an affect she has on a lot of people! Thanks for coming you guys, we miss you already!

Jack with his two favorite people...Dad and Gram!


Proper Dinner Etiquette

As good parents should, we have been trying to teach Jack the proper etiquette when eating dinner. Here are some of the rules we are teaching him.

Always come to dinner with a smile on your face!

Take small sips from your drink, do not guzzle!

Make sure plates and bowls are clean and properly inspected.

Try to look fancy and when you are a little under dressed improvise!

Don't forget to be social!

And last but certainly not least, clean up after yourself!


Finally a little sunshine!

It has been sooo cold lately and snowing at least once every week so going outside to play has really been out of the question, but today all that changed! It was such a beautiful day, the sun was shining, there was no snow on the ground, and it actually felt kind of warm! I took Jack outside to play and he was thrilled. I could hardly keep up with him. I'm always wondering what these little people are thinking. It would be so weird to go outside one day and have all this white stuff covering everything and then go out the next day and have it look completely different, all the while having no idea how any of this happens! In the end I think all Jack cared about was the fact that I was letting him roam around outside. Here are some shots I managed to take when he wasn't running away from me.

So happy to be outside!

What is this cool thing, it looks delicious!


Happy...um...New Year!

Well I am getting off to a rocky start! I think I have been cursed. Dan and I were about 5 minutes late celebrating the New Year and now it seems that I am behind with everything! I am not sure if it is my curse or the fact that I have a little boy WALKING EVERYWHERE and getting into EVERYTHING that has me so behind! I have just managed to take down my Christmas tree, I was debating on whether I should just leave it up for next year...just trying to be efficient! But the thought of becoming that crazy lady on the street who never takes down here lights gave me the motivation I needed to get it done. As for New Year resolutions, well, I am going to give myself one more month to decide what I want to work on because for now I am just to dang tired!

All in all we have had a very busy year! Looking back I realized that my life has become so much more full and I am so grateful for everything, and really I just look forward to having many more years just like this one. I hope everyone had a great holiday season and I wish all of you a very happy New Years!

Here are the few picture that I snap right around New Years. (I did a very bad job at taking pictures during the holidays!)

Look at that smile! You wouldn't think that just two seconds before I was telling him "no" he can't play with the trash can. He thinks it's so funny!

A little tradition I am gong to start. Every New Year take pictures of Jack and Dan's shoes. It will be funny when Jack's are bigger!

Jack cheesing it up for the camera!

This happens to be his new favorite pose! Every time I take the camera out this is what he does.
It's a little strange!

Christmas Day

Ever since I was a little girl I have always had the hardest time sleeping the night before Christmas. All the anticipation for the excitement to come, well it nearly does me in every year. This year was no different, while the rest of the house (including all the kids) were sound asleep I was tossing and turning. I was really excited to see the girls run down the stairs to see all their presents and I was excited to have my first Christmas with my little family. I think next year I will invest in a little Tylenol P.M. because I was pretty trashed by noon the next day!

Jack playing on the rocker that Gram and Peeps gave him...Thanks Gram and Peeps your the best!

What is that face?!

Jack playing with as many toys as he could get his hands on. A hammer, and ball, and a walker which all happened to be Olea's toys and not his own!

All the kids. Not an easy task to snap a picture of all the kids when they still have new toys to play with!

After it's all done with not much has changed. Jack still just wants to chew on his shoes.

We had such an awesome Christmas! We were so grateful that we were able to make it to Farmington and spend Christmas with my whole family. Gram and Peeps were, like always, the most gracious of hosts. It was so much fun seeing Jack play with the toys even if he doesn't understand what it all means yet! I felt very lucky and grateful for all I have, especially for my little family!

I still will be posting our 2nd Christmas with Dan's family as soon as I get the pictures. We were so lucky that we got to have double the fun this year.


Christmas Eve

I am a true kid at heart and I believe that you should always get to open at least one gift before Christmas, kind of like an appetizer before the big day. In my family we have always opened PJ's on Christmas Eve and we are continuing the tradition with Jack. He was really excited that I was letting him play with the bows and the paper (normally two items that are off limits because they go straight in his mouth!)

He is so excited but doesn't really know why!

His PJ's were a little over the top. It's probably the only year I will get to do that, next year he may be telling me that he doesn't want to look so silly!
A cute shot of Dan and Jack. We were all getting excited!

Later on that night when all the kids were in bed we started to wrap all the presents. It was crazy how long it took! I'm going to have to get some pointers on how you go shopping and wrap all the presents all the while your kids not knowing. It is my experience that my child is with me 24/7 so how does one pull Christmas off? I guess I still have a lot to learn about parenthood!