{Sweet Enough to Eat}

Things I have learned...

After a lovely chat with my mom the other night I got to thinking...what have a I learned through this experience so far?
All was quite {everyone was sleeping} and it was a perfect time to be alone with my thoughts. I decided to get a notebook and write what I was thinking so I would not forget.
I think I will start doing this from time to time to remind myself that 1) I am always learning and growing and 2) I am lucky to learn about a new culture and way of life.
So here it is my list of "Things I have learned"
{so far}

  • You actually CAN drive into on coming traffic {and not die}
  • It's not wise to fight with your husband...especially when he is your ONLY friend
  • My kids LOVE attention
  • I really like having help
  • Apartments aren't as bad as I thought they would be
  • You don't need an oven to cook dinner
  • Jack has an immune system of a horse {he puts everything in his mouth and still hasn't gotten sick}
  • I miss cookies a LOT
  • It is pointless to get upset {especially here because no one cares}
  • White people and rich people are usually rude
  • Ants are very sneaky and so are mosquito's
  • I still have to talk to my mom every day
  • I actually like change
  • I don't care what my car looks like as long as it drives and has air conditioning
  • Cambodians smile even when they are telling you bad news
  • We {as in Americans} are VERY spoiled. Even the poor are not poor compared to here.
I truly hope that seeing people live with so little will always keep me grounded. I never want to forget that I am incredibly lucky to have what I have and it just as easily could have been me working for $50 a month if I had been born here.

Really the only thing that makes one different from the other are one's circumstances. We can either choose to let that separate us or we can choose to look past it and see what we have in common.

I am grateful for this experience I hope that I can continue to learn and grow while I am here. I also hope that my children grow up with a better understanding of the world and the people who live in it.


Potty Party

Jack surprised us all and finally used his potty!!!!
Of course he decided to start with #2...WEIRD!
Focus + Determination



Before Jack started school I was really struggling to find things to keep him entertained so one day we decided to do a little painting. In the end we got more paint on his body then we did on the paper. I think he was in shock that I let him get so messy. He was laughing hysterically each time he got paint on himself and looking at me like "am I going to get in trouble for this?"
Align Center

It was fun while it lasted but being messy is just not my thing so I immediately threw him and the baby in the bath to clean up.




Our menu tonight was....

Pork and Beans
a slice of deli ham cut up and added to the Pork and Beans
One apple sliced and shared
a couple slices of bread {for dipping of course}
A PB and Honey Sandwich {Jack+Me}
A PB and Jelly Sandwich {Dan}
One can of Diet Coke {Shared by Dan+Me}
One Juice box {Jack}
Oh and Fruitloops and Mentos for dessert

I could really go for a Subway {as in sandwich} about now. Weird I know, but it has always been my "go-to" fast food joint when there is nothing to eat for dinner.

6" Turkey Sandwich on wheat, spinach, pickles, ranch, Salt+Pepper and don't forget the chocolate chip cookie. HEAVEN!

School is cool

Jack has entered the very prestigious world of PRESCHOOL...

I am completely thrilled that Jack is in school and LOVES it! He walked right in and said "bye bye momma" and then when I came to pick him up he said "bye bye momma" {so much for separation anxiety} I had imagined this day going down with lots of tears on both sides and biting my nails until the moment came to go pick him up, but turns out we both really enjoyed a little time apart...HA!

Here is my little school boy on the steps outside the apartment. He was so excited to finally use his dinosaur backpack!
Burning off a little of that excitement while we waited for the car. This is his new bike and it is pretty hilarious to watch him tow Jane around.
After his first day he was hot, sweaty, and smiling from ear to ear. Nothings better then a little boy that is happy and worn out.
{I'm thinking he was a tiger for part of the day}

Here are a few pictures of the school. It is called The Giving Tree and we fell in love with it from the first day we visited. At first they had told us that there were no openings and I was so sad but lucky for us they called back and we could not be happier! On top of a regular preschool curriculum they also teach swimming, yoga, gardening, and french.

The pool
Music Room
They also have a great outdoor playground.

So there you have it our Jack is growing up fast and becoming such a good boy. He has a heart of gold and has done so well with his transition here. We are so proud of him and think he is the coolest 2 year old around!


Scooter Muffin II

{scoot \ˈsküt\: to slide especially while seated.}

I am passing down my childhood nickname to my daughter.
Jane will now be known as...


This girl has mastered the walker and is all over the apartment now. She loves to be part of the action and could not be happier when she is chasing Jack around.

This face just screams SCOOTER MUFFIN!

We have tile floors everywhere in our apartment which makes it difficult to learn to crawl. But I say who needs to crawl when you can scoot!


Dan's quote of the day

"Jack you are cute and handsome, you could be really endearing if you weren't so naughty."

{This girl was thinking Jack was really cute, handsome, AND endearing. I guess he wasn't being naughty! By the way is this not the CUTEST girl you have ever seen!}


Brown eyed girls

Heaven on Earth

We finally went to a park...

and it was GOOD!

This girl is...


Dino Love

Jack's obsession with Dinosaurs is rubbing off on the baby. She loves sitting on the couch with her own dino and watching Elmo Dinosaur with her brother (and for those of you that knew about my endless search for that DVD, YES I found it here!)


Our {view}

Most of the homes around our apartment are these beautiful villas owned mostly by generals in the military here. They are huge and some are a little ridiculous and others are gorgeous!

There are also homes like this where at least 20 people live in it. I sometimes stand out on the deck and watch in total awe at how these people live. They are very resourceful and they are tough!

And there is also the construction. It is a little annoying but really only during the day so not too bad.


A Royal Weekend

One thing I really love about being here is there are very few distractions. Weekends used to be about cleaning the house, mowing the lawn, seeing friends, and running errands and I swear some weekends would go by and I would feel like I needed another weekend just to catch up! That is all so different now! This last weekend was full of stuffing our selves silly at the best brunch buffet in the city, taking naps, going window shopping, and bopping our heads at an outdoor concert.

Entering the Le Royal. A moment of silence is necessary for this place...it is that amazing!
I was going to take pictures of the inside but I was too busy gaining 5 pounds...Whoops! Worth every pound!
Some family pictures after brunch.
My 3 favorites
I love Jack face in this picture. A classic "Jack face"!
Jane has got Dan wrapped around her little finger...and she knows it!
We went to an outdoor concert and listened to the Cambodian B.I.G....Ha! Cambodian rap is funny! Jack was dancing his little heart away (he has no rhythm) and thought that everyone was clapping for him.
The SWEETEST girl around! She is always happy and smiling!
Best friends
SOOO excited she can hardly stand it!
My sweet little boy
His new obsession is dinosaurs. He never leaves home without one!
Momma's boy
It was soooo hot at the concert that I could actually style Jacks hair with his own sweat...SICK!
And like most nights Jack dictates how long the night last. As you can see it was time to go!
We were the only ones with kids there, I think everyone thinks we are crazy because we bring our kids everywhere. They always get a ton of attention and the other night Dan and I were laughing because we decided that when we go back to the states they are going to have a major complex..."why isn't everyone staring at us?"
I am trying to get used to the fact that anyone and everyone comes up to my babies and kisses them. It's great to see that they are loved but for a germaphobic like me my skin crawls every time. I like to take them around in the stroller because then people can't hold Jane but, lo and behold, the other day at the mall a girl just starts unbuckling the stroller! Can you even imagine that happening in the states! I am trying to find a diplomatic way of saying, "take your grimy hands of my child" but so far I just watch on in horror and then douse them with antibacterial. So far no one has been sick...knock on wood!