Even pterodactyl's need to eat!


***Heidi some how your costume made it into our box which then got on a boat and sailed half way around the world. SORRY!
A good lesson to others...don't lend us anything because it will probably end up somewhere very far away!


haircuts & cupcakes

This month my little BenVan turned 6 months
He also got his first haircut and almost got a taste of his first cupcake

The after pictures
(sadly we forgot to take the before)
So glad to have those curls back!

6 cupcakes to celebrate 6 wonderful months!
The other kids were really pumped about celebrating the 1/2 birthday and getting in on some yummy cupcakes!
I didn't make these beauties...I know shocker! All the credit goes to a wonderful little cake shop called Bloom.

 Both cakes and baby look sweet enough to eat!

LOVE this little guy!
Can't wait to see what the next 6 months will bring!


Bali: Final day

If you are a fan of adorable monkeys and cute kids making silly faces, well then you are going to LOVE this post.

For our last full day in Bali we took a little drive out to a Hindu temple in Uluwatu that is located right on a cliff and it was

On the way there we made a little pit stop to check out the beach on this side of the island.
For some reason when Jane looks like this I just want to call her Hazel...it just seems so fitting!

Brace yourself for some of the coolest monkeys that you have ever seen.
It was truly amazing. They were so friendly they would take bananas out of you hand and we even saw one monkey jump up on a lady and take her sunglasses. It was pretty awesome. 

I was so proud of Jack. He has finally kicked his fear of cute adorable furry creatures. He was feeding them bananas and was not the least bit scared.

Jane was mesmerized
Love this picture of Jack looking back at the monkey and the monkey looking at him.
Dan had to wear this very stylish purple wrap. Doesn't he look cute!? To enter the temple grounds you had to have your knees covered.

Look close she is carrying her baby. I felt a connection because I was holding my baby the same way...weird!

Fat lazy monkeys at every turn, but look at his view it was so amazing.

I wanted to cry it was so beautiful. 

Jack was demonstrating what the fire dancers were going to look like.

Budha the driver was such a nice guy. Jane was so attached to him and he saved her when the fire dance got too scary. She still talks about Budha to this day.

I am so glad that I've seen THIS view before I die.

The "Fire Dance" is performed every single night at this temple and it was very cool. It is a traditional dance and the guys in the circle are doing some sort of chanting/slash yelling (it seemed so exhausting) but it was so cool!

The Monkey King! Jack called him the Dragon King which made it that much cooler to him but this is about the time that Jane checked out.

We were sitting on the front row and YES that fire is as hot as it looks...YIKES!

Very impressive! it was a long day but well worth it! Probably the most memorable part of our trip!
Ok so here is the part with the cute kids making silly faces and here is the story behind it.  To get to the temple you have to go into the country side which usually means slim pickings for finding safe (diarrhea free) restaurants.

I was starting to get nervous as we drove further and further away from the city because of course as a mother I am always thinking when and what everyone will be eating. Well I have to give Dan complete credit here because he was so confidant that we would find a suitable restaurant that he convinced me to keep going forward and let me tell you I am soooo glad that we did. Right before the temple we found this little gem of a restaurant and it was some of the best food that we had the whole trip. My dish was grilled Mahi Mahi...YUM!

While we were waiting the kids were getting a little wacky so I pulled out the camera and magic was made. LOVE these kiddos!
Quick side note
Jane spotted these sunglasses at a vendor on our way down to the beach. They are pretty groovy and have become a permanent accessory of hers. What can I say she's got class...am I right?!?