Jack and Jane

Well it took a few weeks for Jack to get used to the idea of a little sister but he finally has decided he likes her! In fact he thinks he needs to be 2 inches from her face at all times!

The other day I left the room for one split second and I came back in to find Jack adoring his baby sister in her crib...can you say SCARY!

Luckily he is very sweet with her and surprisingly gentle. I never thought the words gentle and Jack would ever go together!

Here is Jane in a cute little dress. Doesn't she just look thrilled! :) Every time I put a dress on her she spits up on it within an hour. I think maybe she is trying to tell me something. I may have a little tomboy on my hands.


More pictures of Jane

Here are few pictures of little Jane. It has been so fun having this sweet little girl. I could not ask for more!

Bath time in the beginning was very traumatic. She hated it and would cry all the way through and I just was at a lost since Jack LOVED his baths since day one. Well as you can see from these pictures Jane has learned to appreciate her bath. Now if I could just get her to like the lotion and dressing part!

Proof that she does occasionally cry.


Vitamin D

It is so dark and gloomy during the winters here you really have to take advantage of any sun that we get. So here is Jane soaking up the rays and getting some much needed Vitamin D.

Jack is such a funny little guy. He was willing the sun to come out with his sun glasses. He will only wear them upside down. Strange!


So sweet

Oh my sweet baby Jane. I can not believe how lucky we are to have such a mellow baby! She just eats and sleeps and never cries. I don't know how I would be holding up if it were any other way! Here are some pictures from the last week.

Dan is so good with newborns and I love how sweet he is with his little girl!

Bath time...this is the only time you will hear her cry but here is a rare shot of her enjoying the water.

My mom was such a HUGE help when she was here. I can not think of a more helpful person! She always made sure I had yummy food to eat and that Jack was entertained and happy the whole time. We are having major withdraws without her! I am always so sad to see her leave and I wish more then ever that we lived closer. We miss and love you Gram...come back!!!


Jack's 2!

My little boy turned 2 on January 30th and I am having a hard time believing that I am now the mother of a 2 year old! He has been such a joy in our life and keeps us on our toes! He has the funniest personality and has super human strength (seriously, it's a little scary!). I believe that with a little time he will come around to the idea of being a big brother ;) and I already think Jane adores him. Jack we love you!

Xander LOVES Jane and is so sweet with her.
We had a very modest birthday party for Jack with my mom, his Aunt Heidi and Uncle Stan, and his two nephews Brody and Xander. That was about all I could manage with a one week old!