Jane and Easton

I totally forgot about this picture taken just days before we left for Cambodia. Jill, Easton and Merideth stayed with me for one night on their way to Farmington and it was really fun to see them.

Jane and Easton were a hoot! In their jammies, sleepy eyed, and eating crackers.
Glad I stumbled upon it today!


Phnom Penh Post Headline Reads:

Govt warns vendors of poisoned dog meat

The article in a nutshell: Dogs are getting poisoned when thieves break into homes so they won't bark. The dog owners then sell the poisoned meat to the local markets instead of reporting it to the police. Then a shopper buys the dog meat and gets sick from eating it.

HMMM...does this disturb anyone else?


Miss Fancy Pants

Love these pictures of my little {JANE TAYLOR}
I think she looks smashing in red

Bye Bye


All Dressed Up

my cute kiddos and handsome hubby all dressed up for church

Life is a Highway

I have been looking at a lot of this lately
But luckily I can turn around and look at THIS whenever I get frustrated!
I have been driving a LOT lately! It is crazy and traffic can be a little overwhelming but don't worry I have only been hit twice, once while I was STOPPED at a red light and another when I was turning into a gas station. I have also been pulled over once for turning RIGHT on a red light!?! $10 later {which is WAY more then I should have paid} I was off driving again.



Also known as {KUNIE} at our house!
Disclaimer...YES I do know that I am spoiled. I have a nanny and no job or other responsibilities, but lets remember folks I DID move to a 3rd world country so give me a little credit! ;)

We found Kunthea through LDS workforce services and she has been such a blessing! The kids adore her and so do I. She is loving, patient, honest, smart, and beautiful {don't you think}. We hit the JACKPOT of nannies! I hope that we can help her as much as she is helping us!

We LOVE you Kuni!