The Big Apple

It's been a week since we returned from our trip to New York and so I thought it was time to post some pictures. We had so much fun! We missed Jack terribly but enjoyed some much needed "grown up time"! The only thing I can think about since I came home is when I get to go back! I loved it!

Cool Buildings
Empire State Building

Beautiful church. I almost felt like I was in Europe!

This building for Scientology was right in the middle of Rockefeller center. Strange...

Statue in Central Park

Strong man!

View from our room. We loved our hotel...great location!


Central Park

Magnolia trees...Oh how I loves these trees! Beautiful!

The park was so beautiful I wish we could have spent more time and taken more pictures...next time!

Night Life

Dan and Mike being silly!

We had so much fun going out at night. The restaurants were amazing (especially our friend Ryan's!), we had good company, and a lot of laughing!
My hubby and me.

More laughing!

Time Square/Broadway

We were able to see one show called "Spring Awaking". I was so amazed at the talent. I have been to several off Broadway shows in SLC and L.A. but nothing compared to the real deal...AMAZING!!! I wish we could have seen more!

Dan and I posing in front of Radio City

Being silly!

The center of Time Square

One of Dan's friends from high school is the chef for an amazing restaurant in the East Village called Mercat. It is Spanish food (as in Spain) and it is some of the best food I have ever had. We did a menu tasting and it was so much fun. We felt very special and important ;)

Me and Dan. We had so much fun going out on a date. It doesn't happen often enough. We also celebrated Dan's B-day while we were there...Happy b-day honey!

Dan and Patrick (Patrick went to Cornell with Dan and now lives in the city.) It was fun for Dan to catch up on old times.

Ryan...the chef. Thanks for an amazing experience!

Mike and I. Mike kept me company while Dan was reminiscing about his college days. Thanks Mike.

More sight seeing and shopping

Grand central station.

The ice rinks at Rockefeller Center


Dru said...

Rach - i'm going there next week with Jason's wife sara (i don't know if you remember her) and i'm so excited!!these pictures got me even more stoked!!

Simons Family said...

what a blast! I need to go to NY again! You took some beautiful pictures! We need to get together soon! I need Jack to teach Sage to walk! I am so tired of dirty knee's!

The Steel's said...

Oh dang it, that is me above of course who did some error. you take great pictures. Is it is hobby or are you just naturally good at it? Sounds so fun..I love NYC. My brother is a chef in NYC also at the Blue Ganz or something like that, I have never been to his place. I have been dying to go there lately. Looks like you guys hit all the great spots. Did you get any knock off purses? I bet you were so happy to get back to Jack! Next time take me!!

kristina said...

Im glad you finally posted some pictures! I am sooooo jealous! you look beautiful of course! we looked and looked for you on the today show but i guess you were probably enjoyng that room with an amazing view! so glad you guys had a great time!!!!
Happy Birthday Dan! we love you!!!

Dave&Shan said...

It looks like you had a great time. Mommies and Daddies deserve a good vacation every now and then. The view from your room was great! I love the pics. New York City is a very cool place.

The Hillan Family said...

FUN! I didn't know you went to New York!?! It looks like you guys had a great time! I want to go with you the next time you go!:)

Leah Finch said...

FUN!!! You look beautiful! I wish I was there keeping you company instead of MIKE! I'm way more FUN! We have to go on a sister trip there, you, Kristina, Katie?? and me!!!

Steph and Tim said...

How fun!!! It looks like you had a blast! Can't wait to catch up with you :)

Natalie said...

For some strange reason, I just found this post! WOW!!! It looks like your trip was amazing! You are stunningly beautiful (as always) especially in that picture of you and Dan at the restaurant.