Spring Fever

I have got a bad case of spring fever! I want it to be warm sooo bad that it hurts! I can't handle not having a tan, wearing long sleeves, and feeling like I can't wear flip flops because there is still snow in my back yard! Jack is ready to run around outside, go to the park, and swim and frankly so am I! I am not down with this weather that looks like it's 80 degrees and walk outside to find it 40 degrees but until it gets warmer here are some pictures of what warms my heart.

Jane is so sweet, i am just loving my little girl to pieces! Doesn't it look like she is going to have blue eyes in this picture?

She is starting to smile and it melt my heart!

This little man is keeping me really busy. He can be such a turkey one minute and the sweetest little thing the next! One thing is for sure he is not lacking in the energy department!

He got these rain boots and is now obsessed! Here is is jumping from one piece of furniture to the other. So not a good habit I know but it kept him busy for a while!

Dan also got a pair of boots that he is obsessed with. Ski boots...I am soooo ready for warm weather!

Here are some pictures that show Jack's sweeter side

My blued eyed baby!
He loves to read and will just sit and stare at books forever.

We really love this ball of energy!
I need a TAN!!!


Leah Finch said...

I LOVE THAT LAST PHOTO!!!! He is the cutest! I can't wait to hold that squishy baby! She is THE CUTEST EVER!

Kristina said...

I am dying to see you guys!! only one more week!! I think you are right with the blue eyes on Jane!! what a beauty!!!!!!!

Tuckett and Kaesy said...

You and I both need a tan.
I need to see you.
I got your little announcement in the mail. I'm dying at how cute Jane is.