The big apple!

Well it's official I'm a New Yorkin (a.k.a New Yorker). It is true I lived there in another life. For some reason I just get that place. I am the absolute worst person at directions but for some reason in New York I always know where I am and where I need to be going. I LOVE IT THERE!!! This trip was set up by my AWESOME,WONDERFUL, GREAT husband who got Leah and I tickets to go for Christmas (he is the best!). He then watched the kids for 4 whole days and did so amazing! I sure missed my kiddos and was so ready to squeeze them when I got home but I could see that they had been well taken care of! It was the first time Leah and I had ever been anywere without our kids and really the first time we had gone on a real vacation together and it was so much fun to be with my big sis! We had such a great time and we plan on going back many times in the future!

On our way. Both of us were very excited and really didn't know what to do with our self with 5 whole hours of doing nothing...weird!
At dinner the first night. We had so much fun!
Canal Street.
Gucci bag, rolex, hidden rooms, gold ring, sunglasses, perfume, and lots of awesome shops is just some of what we got on this day of marathon shopping
I heart New York!
Yes that is breast milk in the diet coke bottle there are only so many places to put it when pumping in dressing rooms! I was a very dedicated pumper the whole trip and it made for some awkward moments but it was worth it in the end.

On the subway. We mastered the subways...I was very proud of us!
Time square! Lots of good people watching. (Why is everyone sitting in lawn chairs?)
First class on the way home and boy did we need it. We were so wiped by the end of the vacation that a little extra leg room went a LONG way!
Some things that we did not document with pictures that happen to be some of the greatest things we did. Wicked...Oh my goodness!!!! It was all I ever wanted and needed it to be! The singing was awesome and so funny too! Gusto restaurant...aMAZing! Dan's friend Ryan is the chef their. It's in Greenwich Village and in the coolest neighborhood. Its a swanky little Italian restaurant and sooooo good! Ryan was so kind and just kept bringing plate after plate of food and we ate it all! I highly recommend it to anyone who is planning a trip to New York!

Thanks Dan, Kristina and Natalie for helping us with the kids!


The Crane Family said...

I'm glad you had a great time! I LOVE Canal street!!! Breast milk in the coke bottle...haha! Now that's funny stuff!

Leah Finch said...

FUN FUN FUN! Is all I can say! The funnest vacation to date! We have to make this a tradition! Love you - THANK YOU DAN!

Cardon Family said...

That is such an awesome vacation! It sounds like you guys had a blast and who more fun to share it with than your sister!

Lance and Em said...

I am so jealous!!! Love the milky coke... please tell me your sister didn't drink it?!

kristina said...

so fun for you guys!!! I am so happy you got to spend some time together!!