Jack 1st year of Preschool

My big boy
Jack is growing up so fast I can hardly stand it. He has officially completed his 
first year of school 
and he couldn't have loved it more! We feel so lucky that he likes school so much and practically begs to go every day! Lucky for us there is no break between school and summer school...thank goodness! We are going to miss his teacher Miss Marj soooo much she was great and Jack talks about her non stop!

Jack and Miss Marj

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Jack updates
  • Jack is absolutely the SWEETEST boy in the whole wide world and is very generous with his kisses!
  • He tells me I'm his best friend and I LOVE it!
  • He loves to count and sing his ABC's
  • He is still obsessed with dinosuars
  • He has the BEST imagination and is in character 99% of the time
  • Jack loves church and gives the best prayers
  • He loves to play with his little sister and is very excited to have a baby brother!
  • Basically he is the coolest 3 year old around!!!


Leah Finch said...

I agree! Tears in my eyes as I look at these!!! Ugh - I miss you guys!!! I love you so much! And I love that big boy dino! Wow - Jack way to go!!!

kristina said...

oh Jack Jack, we love you to pieces!!