Family Time

Sunday morning eating breakfast.
Does this picture remind anybody else of Zoolander? LOL! He is already learned the pouty face so he can get what he wants...TROUBLE!

We snapped a few pictures of Jack before church last Sunday because I thought he looked particularly cute. I love his hair in these pictures, unfortunately it only stays like that for about 10 minutes.

Jack and his dad...my two studs!

Me and Jack. I was gearing up for the wrestling match that inevitable happens at church. Fortunately he was a sweet little boy!

We had a really good Sunday spending time with our little family. Dan had to head out of town the next day and it was a really long week for everyone! I didn't have my computer which is the reason no one has heard from me and I have to admit I was going through blogging withdraws...a little scary I know! I am so glad that Dan is back safe and sound and can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with family.


kristina said...

ahhh, jack looks so handsome!! I'm glad Dan is home safe and sound and that you have your computer so I can continue seeing your cute pictures you post!

Leah Finch said...

Jack looks so BIG! I can't wait to see you all!