Fun in the tub

Jack, Bella, and Olea (Jacks cousins) were playing hard all day so we decided to throw them in the bath or as Ben would say create a blogging moment ;)

Say cheese!

Jack loves to drink the water!

Dan has always help me with bath time. He is such a good dad and I am soooo lucky!

Bath time has always been Jacks favorite pass time. Every night at about 8:00 we take him up stairs and turn on the water and he starts going crazy...we can't get him in the tub fast enough! We love watching him play and splash. Kristina gave me that tub seat for my baby shower and let me tell you I owe her! Our little wild man is hard to contain without it!


kristina said...

oh, rub a dub dub! those are some cute pictures of jacky chan!! the girls loved taking a bath with jack until Bella dumped all that water on oleas head and she about drowned!

Leah Finch said...

I wish I was there to create blog moments! SO Cute! Thant's my favorite time when I'm at your house too, Jack's bath time!

Katie Kempton said...

Hey, that tub seat is so cool! And... I couldn't help but notice what a CLEAN bathroon you have! Good for you for being such a good housekeeper on top of Super Mama! Those cousins are all adorable. Are any of you coming down for Thanksgiving? I found out today that Cardon and his girlfriend Kelly are going to be here after all, so we'll get to meet her. I told Cardon that my only requirement for his wife is that she be "less cool" than me. I don't need anyone making me look bad. HA HA HA HA HA! Love you! Katie

Cardon Family said...

I love that tub seat! I might need to get one of those to protect Jake from Tanner's craziness in the tub!

The Hillan Family said...

Wow, you really have a great system- baths at 8:00. Looks like Jack is sparkly clean. Isn't one of your most favorite things, a yummy smelling baby after a bath? Now that is a smell I would buy, if only they could figure out how to bottle it!