I am making a sacrifice and posting this picture that I really don't like of me because it was the only one of all four of us. I hate when that happens! :)

Jack started to be a little naughty!

Nat and Lillie (Happy 1st B-day Lil!)

My friend from AZ Natalie and her daughter Lillie came to visit last week. We only had a few hours but still had such a good time visiting and meeting each others kids. Jack and Lillie had a good time playing until Jack started being little bully. He was head butting, pulling hair and bitting Lillie--YIKES! Despite feeling bad about Jack's mean streak we still had a ton of fun. Thanks Nat I always love to see you, come back soon!


Leah Finch said...

FUN! I'm Jealous!

The Crew said...

Oh Rachael you are so silly. I can't for the life of me figure out why you wouldn't like that picture of yourself... you look MUY BONITA! You silly girl. Don't be like that. Love ya! Katie

Natalie said...

You do look beautiful...of course you always do, my dear! We had a blast last week! I was so sad it only lasted a few hours. Now it's your turn to take a trip to indianland Arizona! I sure love you and I am extremely grateful for the wonderful friendship we share! You are very special to me. And Lillie still loves Jack-Jack despite his tendencies to sink his canines into her skin...still waiting on that first aid kit! HA!! He's adorable!

Ben Mcpherson said...

looks like fun! love the stripes and banner!

Simons Family said...

hey Rach your blog looks so cute! I love the pic's and thanks for the adorable picture you sent for christmas! Love it! Merry Christmas! We need to get together soon! We need some picture's of our cuties together!