Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers day to all the dads in my life out there! I hope you all had a wonderful day! I know that our little family had fun. It was one of those perfect lazy days of just hanging with the family and enjoying each others company. We went up to Snowbird for the fathers day brunch and it was um um good! The weather was perfect so we sat outside which was beautiful and Jack was a perfect angel because he loves being outside. After our yummy meal we just drove around and then came home and laid on a blanket in the backyard. Oh I love these summer days!

Real quick I want to totally embarrass Dan by saying on the world wide web how unbelievable awesome he is. He is such a good dad and I feel so grateful to be married to such an awesome guy. Jack loves Dan more than anything else. He offers everything I don't to Jack which means we are a pretty good team! Nothing makes me happier then waking up in the morning and turning over to see my to boys snuggling together as they sleep...it melts my heart! We love you honey!

My two handsome boys!
Me and Jack
I never know what to expect from Jack at restaurants. Sometimes he eats like a champ and other times he refuses to open his mouth. Lucky for us he decided to eat this time, and a lot. This list includes...Salmon, a pickle, polenta, another pickle, watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, 2 small cookies, and some ice cream. Yikes!
He loves pickles!
These cookies were gone in no time. I had no idea he liked sweets so much.

Washing it all down with a swig from his water.
I just had to catch a picture of the shirt he was wearing. I got it on Ebay (my new addiction) and I thought it was pretty funny!


Leah Finch said...

Cute! I love the shirt...

katie lee said...

jack's shirt is super cute he is such a stud!...so is your shirt in that pic :)

Dave&Shan said...

I LOVE the shirt! That is classic!

Dru said...

could he be anymore stylish!? lunch next week would be great! just let me know what day works for you. i can do pretty much any day mon-thurs.

Heather & Trevor said...

Rachael! Hey you! I have totally wondered about you! You look like you're doing well! I am so glad thta you blog "stalked" me! I totally do that too! :) I will add you to our list so we can stay in touch! So glad to see you on here in blog world! Isn't it great! :) Keep in touch!

Kristina said...

Happy late fathers day Dan, we love you!! and I love this little shirt you have on jack!!!