Jacks favorite things

Here are pictures of Jack with some of his favorite things. He is way too silly!

Jack loves books. If he is in hysterics he will stop if I grab a book and start reading to him. I really hope he grows up with a love for reading!

His new obsession...little toy cars. I could not pry this car out of his hand so he slept with it.
His old obsession...a pacifier. I have been trying to break this habit but it's a hard one. More often then not he has one in his mouth and one in each hand! YIKES!
Jack loves bath time and this is his signature move that you can get him to do 99% of the time. It's "blastoff" from Little Einsteins (another obsession of his!)
Q-tips! Ugh...he loves q-tips. He likes to chew on them and he loves when I clean out his ears with them...strange! This wonderful picture was taken just after my last post where he looked so cute and innocent!


The Crane Family said...

He is too cute! He's always had such personality! Let's get together this week!!!

Dru said...

i love his room!!! you did an amazing job decorating. i remember you doing that during the good old progrexion days:) Lunch this week? i could go wednesday or thursday.

Markelle said...

uh, I am totally blog stalking...We have the same crib, and I just had to tell you what great taste you/we have! thats all.

by the way, I am Markelle Foutz (Becca's sistro)

Tuckett and Kaesy said...

I just looked at all your "teeny tiny Jack" pictures and they made me cry. New babies...how fun. I'm already so sad mine's a week old.

The Hillan Family said...

It seems like their favorite things always turn out to be the messy ones! I wished we lived closer!

Natalie said...

i love how you decorated his room! you are so good - i wish you would get your buns down here so you could teach me a thing or two!

Simons Family said...

what a mess! It's funny because I find myself allowing this type of distruction around my house a lot just so I have a few minutes of quite and a minute to clean up something else!