Man I hate when I get behind on posting! We have been very busy with the 4th of July, tubes for Jack's ears, my first baby #2 appointment, and lots of escaping to the mountains. I have a ton of pictures so I will keep the captions short and sweet.

Fourth of July Carnival

Tube Surgery :(
Right before Jack's surgery. Pictures are way blurry but I had to get some in these nifty hospital clothes. The surgery went great and all is well in Jack's ears!

Brunch at the Sliver Fork Lodge...Yum!

Hiking at Solitude
Lots of pictures. We love escaping to the beautiful mountains and thanks to another little ebay purchase we have this great backpack so we can get some serious hiking in.

Hope everyone is doing great. I am headed to Farmington for 10 days and I can't wait to be there! I should have some great pictures when I return!


alisha said...

Hi! Congratulations on your pregnancy! How very exciting. I got your message yesterday about Charleston. Email me and I'll send you any info I think might be helpful. :)

Leah Finch said...

Wow! That is beautiful! I'm so glad you are here with us!

kristina said...

um how come I havent known about all these adventures, we need to play together!! miss you guys!!

Natalie said...

How's Farmington? Call me when you get back, we have lots to cover! I've missed our conversations...so I think my life is in control and I'm ready for more!

The Steel's said...

I am glad to hear everything is well, especially with Jack's ears. It is such a relief right! Looks like you guys have been busy, but having fun.

Simons Family said...

Hey Rach! I love all of your new pic's. My mom said she saw you at the wedding reception! We need to get together! I know I am a bad friend! I am so excited for your pregnancy! Congrat's!

Brian, Stacey and Shelby said...

Hey Rachael! You and I were in Steph's wedding together. Sorry this is a little strange of me, but I noticed you on Steph's blog a while back. I have a quick question for you... do you mind sending me your email.. stacbruney@hotmail.com.
Your little guy is a cutie. I've had a babe since the wedding also, a little girl (almost 21 months). Anyways, hope you are well. Look forward to hearing from you. Stacey Bruney

Brittney said...

Man...I hate it when you get behind on posts too :) Hope all is well! I'm gonna be in Utah over Labor Day, any chance of us getting together???

Heather and Trevor said...

Cute pictures! Looks like everything went well with the surgery. So Sad though to watch babies go through stuff like that. Love your last posts. I have been out of it for a while! I don't know if you gave me your e-mail to view my blog (we went private) so if I didin't add you send me your e-mail to igolfgirl@gmail.com
THanks girl! Glad your well! :)