Blessing, Easter, and Friends...Oh My!

I finally have some pictures from Jane's blessing. These pictures were taken by Kristina and she always does an awesome job.
The day was so sweet and special and Jane was able to be blessed on the same day as her sweet cousin Nora. It was a beautiful day!

My sweet baby!
Jane and Nora

Proud Parents
I love this picture of Gram and Peeps!
These are just some random pictures on a day that Jane was looking extra cute ;)

Easter was a beautiful day and we had fun with Jack. He was really liking his Easter egg hunt especially when he realized there was candy in the eggs. All the sudden the hunt turned into a sprint to the next egg, open it, eat the candy and scan for another egg.

Jane in her after church Easter outfit. I thought t made her look like an Easter egg. Still can't get enough of this girl!

Friends! One of my dearest friends Natalie came to visit. We both have kids the same age and it is so sad that we don't live by each other but it is always such a treat to see one another!
Jack and Lily were too cute together!

Nat and myself with our kiddos. I don't know why I don't have a picture of Lil's cute face :( Nat it was sooo good to see you...I miss you already!
This is Jane and Belle. Beautiful Belle is my cousin Mamie's babe and she is such a doll and so tiny. Her and Jane are basically the same size and I think Belle is about 5 months! So cute!


Kaesy said...

Such cute girls!

Barnhisel Blog said...

Love the pictures. Cute kids, cute clothes, hot Mama. Come play soon.

katie said...

HOLY POST!!! i love all the photos...that Jack is our favorite nephew! and Jane is so cute in all her clothing! thanks for letting us post up with you this last weekend, it was fun to be with your family :)

Leah Finch said...

LOVE HER IN THAT OUTFIT!!!! She is the cutes I miss her cheeks!

Lance and Em said...

That dress is darling on Miss Jane!

Natalie said...

You dress that lil' girl up in the cutest clothes...she's stylin'! It was AWESOME seeing you last week...even though it was for a short time! E-me the pics from lunch, okay?