My mom has brought to my attention that since Jane was born my updates of Jack on the blog have been few and far between. Its is most certainly not because we have lost any interest in our crazy little 2 year old but more to do with the fact that he hates having his picture taken. But here is a post all about JACK!

These baby blues melt my heart!
He absolutely LOVES playing on his laptop!

When it is warm enough outside I let him play in the back. He loves to be outside!
Still loves his little car.
The other night Dan had put Jack to bed but then had to run to Walgreens. I was down stairs with the baby when I heard "I'm stuck" clear as a bell. I ran upstairs to find this...
Jack had wedged his leg in the banister and got it stuck. It was really in there tight and after my panic wore off I took a moment to laugh and document this classic moment. It's never dull with a 2 year old...not even when they should be sleeping!
Oh did I mention he had a stinky diaper too...lovely!

It's a little known fact that Jack is a genius...Ha (at least according to us he is!). He can tell you what any number is and when we are at the store he is calling them out as we pass by all the prices. He also recently learned his alphabet and can tell you what any letter is as well. He says "thats right" after everything and is so proud of himself. He has his own way of doing things but we wouldn't have it any other way. He is slowly adjusting to the baby but we still have our moments when it's just plain hard! As I am typing he is having a complete meltdown I'm not sure why, I don't think he knows either! But he is still the sweetest little boy around. Jacky poo we sure do love you!


Kaesy said...

That's funny your mama said you were posting Jack because I actually thought to myself you were doing a pretty good job of keeping both on the blog. I thought it might be hard with a new baby to keep track of the "other one" too.

P.S. Did you only cut your hair a little?

P.P.S. I came to Salt Lake again today...only to find out that Max has ear infection again and I couldn't stop by. What's wrong with my poor little girl? Someday I'll get to meet Jane. Someday.

Leah Finch said...

HE IS brilliant! So Too Cute! Love you guys!

kristina said...

how did I miss so many posts in so little time? you are on top of it!! I can't believe that Jack already knows all his letters and numbers! you have a genius on your hands!! we love Jack, those blue eyes are to die for, and baby Jane should be mine!