Dinos & Kittens

Halloween is less then popular here in Cambodia so it was up to me to be creative and keep this fun little holiday alive.

We substituted a creepy and cold fall night moon with a creepy and hot day sun.Jack was a Dinosaur {of course} and I used eye shadow and eye liner to make the look.
He really loved his sharp teeth!
Jack liked the green effect I put on this picture. He thought he REALLY looked like a Dino!
So funny
I LOVE this picture Dan got of Jack looking at himself.
He thinks he looks pretty scary!
Doing his best Dino pose!
My cute little Kitty!
Got to love those cheeks!

I just LOVE this little girl!
She looks pretty stinkin cute with eye liner all over her cheeks!
It was a challenge to try and find a proper Halloween menu but I think in the end it all came together. I made a Potatoe soup, fruit salad, a ghost PB and Honey sandwich, rolls, and a plate full of Halloween cookies, chocolate, and gummy bears.
Jack was having a hard time concentrating on his food with this plate of yummies! I figured we could splurge a little since back in the states he would have eaten a pound of candy.
Our little homemade Halloween was actually a lot of fun! I do miss this time of year back in the states but we are having fun creating new and interesting traditions!
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!


The Hillan Family said...

Hey! I love the kitty and dino faces! Your treats look to die for! I love that you make the holidays so fun!

Lance and Em said...

Those costumes are so cute! I love the makeup. Dax wouldn't let me get his face all festive this year... BOO HOO HOO! So fun!

heidi said...

Way to go, Rach! We are going to make halloween a worldwide holiday one eyeliner at a time!

kristina said...

I am dying! so cute, those babies are! you made a fun cambodia halloween!

Cardon Family said...

All the holidays you spend over there are going to be some of your most cherished and ones that you will remember forever! I loved your Halloween Feast and your Dinosaur and Kitten are to die for!!:)