Water Festival

Jack's school had a party that celebrated WATER FESTIVAL a big celebration here were people from all over the country {they say over a million} come to the city to watch and participate in boat races.
The party was really fun and Jack had a blast playing with all the water games they had set up for the kids. Now we have a week off for the holiday and I think Jack is going to go through some serious withdrawls...he LOVES school!

{Pure bliss}
Having fun spraying Dad with the water bottle.
One of the teachers showing him how to play a game.
He quickly got the hang of it and was off to win the race!
can't get too much happier then this...

Gosh he really loves water bottles! Talk about cheap entertainment!

I LOVE my Jack!


heidi said...

we miss our jack-attack! He looks like he's having a blast. what a fun school!

kristina said...

love him!!

Cardon Family said...

It's so true! A spray bottle and a flashlight...endless fun! Jack is so dang cute and I am loving all your pictures!

ShutterFreek said...

these photos are looking awesome....are they getting touched by the Mac??? I love you all so much. Jack is getting so big. Tell him I miss him.