Lazy Morning

These pictures are a bit old but I was skimming through my photos and was struck at how sweet and simple they were.

I love the moments when all my kids are content and even better snuggling on one another. 
Just one of those lazy afternoons kicking it in the playroom!

Some new exciting news!!!
We are MOVING!!!
Now, now don't get to excited because it's just to another house here in Phnom Penh but it's really cute and has a lot more space for the kiddos to go wild! Best of all it has a great guest bedroom...
Come one come all!!!!

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kristina said...

I LOVE these cozy photos of my sweet niece and nephews! they are too far away from me!, I want to snuggle in with them and give big kisses!
p.s. cant wait to see pics of your new place!, Miss you guys too much!