I have been bad very very bad at posting pictures so here is my attempt to get somewhat caught up.

and here is a perfect way to start...
I love these buns!

The next 2 pictures where taken in the Kuala Lumpur Airport. We had just spent 6 days in Bali and 2 in Kuala Lumpur and were on our way home, but not without one last stop at McDonalds!
(Special note: I have no idea why McDonalds in a foreign country is so appealing when the thought of it in the U.S. makes me sick. Ask anyone who has traveled and they will tell you the same)
Jack must think he is an actor with his dark shades and hat.

I'm in love with this little guy and his cute sausage body!

Jane sporting her new tennis shoes.

Jack and Ben were made from the same mold. They look so much a like it is crazy! I love this picture of them both fully engrossed in there new Easter toy.

Jane had an assignment to bring something that represented her home country to school. I totally spaced it until the morning before school and went on a frantic search for a flag or picture to no avail. Then I remembered that Ben had a hand-me-down shirt of Jacks that had Captain America on it and what do you know Jane and Ben are basically the same size...scary!

We have had so many friends move away since coming back to Cambodia which is sad but it is always fun to have parties before they leave.
This was a pajama party especially for Ivan (who is the cute batman pictured below).

Jane and Jack's last day of school. Lucky for us summer session started the next Monday but it was sad to say goodbye to the teachers!
Jack and Teacher Erin. Jack thought she was sooooo cool and to be honest she was! She was so perfect for the group of wild boys that she had! Thank goodness!
Teacher Marsela was the perfect teacher for Jane's first year of school. She was sweet, fun, and patient everything that we could have hoped for and Jane absolutely adored her!
Jane and her bestie Lisa

Jane is really obsessed with Ben. She loves to sing to him and make him laugh. I have a feeling that they are going to be really close.

Ben's first bath with Jack and Jane. For some reason I felt like I was putting him in a germ soup! He loved it and so did the other kids but I was a little nervous about all the dirt and grim on there hands and feet.

Mattie was a fixture in our lives until recently. They moved to Africa last week and we were crushed. She will be sooo missed but we can't wait to visit them in Kenya!

Fathers day brunch
The kiddos after brunch. Isn't it the cutest thing you have ever seen! They really do love each other that much!

We went for another visit to our good ol' friend Sambo! The kids and Dan went for a ride while Ben and I snapped some photos!

Swimming at Sofitel. We got a family membership to use the pool and gym and I wish I could say I have been taking full advantage of the gym but I CAN say we have done so with the pool. We love it!
Ben is such a water baby! He would stay in all day if I let him.
Sophea came to help me out this time because going to the pool with all 3 by myself gets a little hairy!

I had to add this to the mix because I think it is so cute. This is one of Jacks creations. I love this age where they can start using their own imagination to create!

Kid updates:
Jack: He is a bit obsessed with the big questions of life. "why do we die" "who dies" "how do we die" "Does this make me fat or healthy" "Where does thunder come from" "why do we have tongues" "why do we have lips" "why don't I have a tail". The last question is unique because he actually does have a tail in the form of a black shoe lace that is tied to his pants at all times. He wants to be a dragon so bad that it hurts. We have gotten to the point that he is known as "that kid with a tail". He panics if it gets lost or if I don't let him wear it. I have banned the tail from swimming pools and school and it was devastating. The first day he went to school without one was pretty sad. He was constantly looking over his shoulder for his tail and crushed each time he remembered it was left at home. Poor kid...maybe one day!

Jane: She is a HANDFUL! She is busting at the seams with emotion. She is either so happy and cute and funny or the naughtiest little stinker around. She loves to terrorize Jack but also wants to be with him at all times. She sings and dances non stop and loves to entertain the baby. She is getting so big and learning so much. Her new favorite thing to say after doing something naughty is "I was just joking".

Ben: It's official Ben has learned to cry. it was bound to happen one day but it was sure nice while it lasted. Ben is still the sweetest little guy around he only added a little flavor to his life. He is army crawling every where and will sit at the door until someone takes pity on him and takes him out, I hope that this guy doesn't get spoiled by all of the people that dote on him all day long. He has got the good life I will tell you that!

Soon to come pictures of our new house!

The End


Leah said...

Love love love it ALL. I miss you all terribly.

heidi&co said...

oh my gosh! Can't believe how big everyone is getting. They are all 3 soo beautiful. Can't believe how much Ben is looking like Jack. That cracks me up that Jane and Ben can share shirts. I'm sad you aren't around, we have a dragon costume. The costume isn't so hot, but the tail is fabulous. Miss you all!

Hammer Time said...

Tear...missing you tons but what incredible memories! Beautiful!!! Children .....seriously. Love ya!

kittrean tanner said...

Wow... you make it all look and sound so easy. :O Mark C. said there is a cousin reunion for a cousin coming home from Cambodia....I am assuming you! .... I missed last weekend... :( out of town with my girls for my entry into the 50's.... you are not moving back...right?...just visiting?...be safe and hug all of your aunts and uncles for me....xooxoxo