My everyday

Some of my favorite random pictures from the past few months.
***Some of these pictures have already been posted via facebook so sorry if you've already seen them!

Fun with friends.
Friends are a VERY important part of our life!

Jack and Olivia are besties! Jack LOVES her and I can see why...those dimples are to die for! Not to mention she is a pro at catching reptiles and climbing trees!
A few pictures of our house. We really love it in our new place. It's really light and airy which is pretty rare in these parts. I will do another post of the whole house another day.

Had these pictures printed here. I call it my travel collage. I love looking at this wall now and remembering our favorite places. I still have prints that haven't been hung and hopefully we will be traveling more so I can add a new place to our wall.
Some of my favorite random pictures most of them taken with instagram...LOVE instagram!

Jack drew this picture of him and Gram standing by a rainbow. He LOVES his gram!
Speaking of Jack...
We were waiting for swim lessons to start today and he was watching a Karate class intently. I thought he was going to tell me he wanted to do it but this is what he said.
"Mom that is a fighting class. I don't like fighting classes I just like hugs."
My sweet boy is a lover not a fighter!

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