During our very short 2 week summer vacation I decided to take the kids and Vandy (aka my hero) to visit one of our favorite family's at there new home in Singapore.

It was my first time to the gumless country and hopefully not my last!

In the taxi on our way to the house. The kids loved taking taxis everywhere and Jane still spots them and shouts SingApore!

We managed to get in a little shopping in REAL LIVE MALLS!
It didn't hurt that they had this huge splash park on the top level of the mall so Liz and I could squeeze in a little "grown up" shopping.

Then the kid shopping began and Jane hit the jackpot! Tangled barbie...are you kidding me! The girl was in heaven!

We also managed to find the creepiest part of Singapore
Welcome to the Crocodile Farm
Jack was loving it...I was not!

On to better things MUCH better things
The babes!
Ben and Emma
Already starting their long distance relationship!

Princess Emma! Could she get any cuter...I think not!
These wacky kids were always up to something. 
Thomas and Jack are going to be friends forever I LOVE that boy!

Thank goodness for Vandy! What would we have done without her! We managed to get a passport for her just in time to take her along and boy was I glad! She is literally the sweetest person on the planet and has become a part of our family! Not to mention she helps me soooo much!

Liz and Dan knew each other way back when he was living in Cambodia in 1997! They have always stayed in touch and lucky for me because she quickly has become one of my very best friends! She just gets me and our friendship comes so naturally so it really was such a treat to see her and her sweet kids. We miss them so much!

Liz and I did manage to have a girls night out we even got to go to the movie!!!

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kristina said...

how did i not see this post until now?
so many cute pictures!! Jane is killing me and you look so pretty!