Happy Boy

Smiles and slobber usually go hand in hand

It took a long time to get this picture with Jack-he is such a wiggle worm!
Here are some random pictures I took the other day for no particular reason. As you can see Jack is hammered from a day of rough and tumble playing but he was being so funny that I had to whip out the camera. In the first few pictures he is in his play pin (the only way I am staying sane at the moment) he was being so cute laughing and smiling. I love having a happy boy!


Katie said...

Look at those teeth! Jack is growing up so fast. My goodness. Your house is looking so cute, and already so different from the last time we saw it. (April!) You know what's strange... Jack actually reminds me a lot of my nephew Ayden. (Greg and Tara's youngest... by they way they are expecting again.) He has the same coloring. I will see if I can find a picture and post it to see if you agree. Love you.

Mcpherson love nest said...

what a cutie...could you two look any more different?
your a cutie too!!

Cardon Family said...

It sounds like he is starting to get into everything if he is not contained!:) I love it! How old is he now....8 months? By the way, Your house is so cute.( I don't think I have ever been to it,) and I absolutely love Jacks room!

Leah Finch said...

I can't wait to see you!!!! This just makes me miss you more!