Forts and clean up!

Paul is the most fun uncle around! The girls go crazy when he is there and they had been bugging him all day to make a fort. While most people would have just thrown a blanket over a chair and called it good, Paul went the extra mile and engineered a massive fort.

Making sure it is stable and strong.

A view from the inside.

The finished product.

Jack loved to help gram swifter her floors. He would follow her all throughout the house as long as he could hold on to the swifter. I am hoping that this desire to clean continues as he gets older!!!
Look at that shaggy hair. This trip has made me decided to give in and cut his hair. His dad does not agree but i can't handle his wild hair anymore!

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Cardon Family said...

leave it to Paul to build the best forts ever! I feel the same way about building such a good relationship with Tanner and Jake and some of their cousins while we are here in Arizona and then we have to leave back east for six months and I worry if they will even remember...but at least we have the memories and I will just have to keep up with showing them pictures and things.