Berg Park

One of my favorite places in Farmington is Berg Park. It really is a river walk with really cool trails and bridges that go across the river. It was so warm one day we decided to take the kids out to get some much needed vitamin D. Jack walked the WHOLE way. If we tried to pick him up he squirmed until you let him back down. He loves being outside and he loved walking with Peeps and Gram.

Doing what boys do best.

Walking with Peeps and Grams. Can you see the walking stick? Jack loved to hold it while they walked.

Jack and Peeps really bonded this trip!

And Grams might be his favorite person now!

We had a little picnic. I love spring days like this!

Chloe and Ellie are little monkeys! They were having so much fun running around and feeding the ducks!

We saw this kid riding on a tractor bike and I thought it was so funny! Jack was seriously checking out this kids ride! He told us he was a sheriff and caught bad guys! Funny!

I wish so badly that I lived closer to all of my family. It makes me sad when I see Jack get so close to them and then I have to leave! This day will go down in the books as a great memory...thanks guys!


Tuckett and Kaesy said...

Excuse me, but I remember when Chloe was just a baby! What the... Where does time go? I feel old.

Cardon Family said...

I love the tractor! and it sounds like you have little Mr. Independent on your hands! :) I am sure he will be a good leader one day!