Before and After

I finally did it! I cut my little boys hair. It was a more emotional then I thought it would be. I am sure I was driving the girl who cut his hair crazy! I was so stressed about her cutting it too short (which she did!). Considering he was a squirmy one I decided it turned out alright, but I will let you be the judge.

The before

Way too long!!!

Scary...is that wolverine?

The back. I could seriously pull it back in a ponytail...poor thing!

The After
Look at that handsome face...you can finally see it again!

Side profile. I am so glad that the mowhawk is back!

It really is amazing what a hair cut can do.

The back...no more pony tails!

As a quick side not. Jack is always in his high chair when I take pictures of him because it is the only place where I can contain him. He is also in a onsie because I was feeding him lunch and believe me he can ruin clothes faster then I can wash them!

The Hair Cut
Jack was in heaven they had this cool fire truck to sit in and had Little Einsteins playing on TV.

He did pretty good. He was really squirmy but only because he wanted to play with the fire truck...who can blame the kid!?!

I don't really know where this face came from but it's pretty funny!

All done! They gave him a balloon and he was stoked! He cried when we left. Hair cuts should not be this fun!


The Hillan Family said...

It is HARD to cut their hair for the first time. I SO know where you are coming from. You get this wierd attachment to their hair- at least I did. He looks SO cute with his new hair. And I know you might not want to hear this but he is looking older- like a little boy! Farmington sure looked fun. I wish I could have gone! I miss Peg and Peeps! Love ya guys!

Tara and Jamey said...

Ha, I absolutely cried the first time we cut Railand's hair. He was a little over 2 and his hair was SO long so I took him in to my boss to have her "trim" it and she hacked it off. I lost it! Needless to say, we haven't cut it again!
Thanks for saying my kids are cute, I think so too but am not sure they compare with lil' Jack! He is an absolute stud! It looked like you guys had a nice time in Farmington!

Dave&Shan said...

Cute new doo! That looks like a great place to take a little boy for his first hair cut. Where was it? We will have to get Lincoln's hair cut soon too. I am really nervous about it, but it sounds like you didn't have a terribly traumatizing experience.

kristina said...

you have tons of new posts! it was a fun feast for the eyes! I LOVE jacks hair cut! he is cute as a girl with those long locks but an even cuter cool kid with his hawk!

The Steel's said...

We LOVE Cookie Cutters..we go there for each and every cut. Oh, it is probably close to where you live. It is the cutest place ever. His hair looks darling..or awesome I should say for a boy.

Tuckett and Kaesy said...

What a cute hair-cutting place! And a cute little haircut. He really does look like a different boy after. But, I'm a sucker for long haired little boys so I like it either way!

Let's get together this week! I have some days off so that could be fun!

Cardon Family said...

I love the haircut! He looks so handsome....I mean he did before anyways, but you know what I mean:)! Did you keep some of his hair as a keepsake? That wolverine picture is the best.....you can't even tell that his hair was that long until you stick it out like that! So cute!

Bre and Sean said...

He looks super cute with the new hair cut! I cut Blake's hair the other day. Sean wasn't too happy. Oops. You need to come visit!!

We Are The Butlers said...

Look at those big'ol eyes. I love those Beauty blues. and his hair looks so good. What a babe!

Rebecca said...

Rachel- Hey girl I haven't seen you or talked to you in so long! I get to see your mom occaisonally, and she catches me up a bit. I found you a roundabout way, hopefully thats cool. Jack is so handsome! I love his hair cut! Rebecca(Foutz)