Christmas Day

ah...the blessed moment of finally getting to see the loot!
It was so fun to see Jack's face when he saw all of the din-O-suars that Santa brought.
talk about heaven for this kid
all the goods that jolly old saint nic brought
The baby liked all her toys and everyone else's toys but most of all she liked this apple.
Classic "can you believe it" face from Chloe
Ellie and her new best friend Mr. Ipod
Christmas was so much fun! I love living vicariously through the little ones as they experience all the fun of the holiday's.

A little note for Santa: All I want for Christmas next year is my handsome hubby by my side!


Leah Finch said...

LOVE THESES!!!! And am so HAPPY you are here!!!

katie said...

we second what leah says.... christmas has been great!!

We're not robots. said...

apples are fantastic. your kids are too cute.