Haircut from H *E* double hockey sticks

I have been on a blogging hiatus of late, mainly because my camera has decided to not turn on. I have also been accused of not really talking a whole lot about my new home. {Actually its kind of funny if you didn't know me or my situation you could read my blog and completely miss the fact that I live on the other end of the world} so here you go people a post with a Cambodian story to boot!

It all started the other day when I mentioned to my driver that Jack really needed a haircut. My driver is a branch president here and also my nannies father and he cheerfully told me about this great little place right by the house where a man of over 20 years of experience and has cut many of the missionaries hair. He also told me it was only $1 and since Jack's last haircut was a whooping $2 I thought...DEAL! So the next day we headed over after picking Jack up from school. I was a little distracted putting Jacks shoes on that I didn't see the place when he park but when I got out of the car I just about died right there.

Picture this: 4x4 wood shack, never been cleaned in all the 20 years of experience {I am sure of it}, a chair with a wood plank set over the handle bars for Jack's seat, and a cape with who knows what on it...i am hyperventilating by now and wondering how the h I can get out of this! Well they don't give me the chance because they pick Jack up and shoe me out of the shack! I couldn't believe it I mean I am the mom who literally has repositioned the haircutters hand just to make sure she gets it right!!!! And they are telling me to get out! FAT CHANCE! I walk back in {too late} and watch on in HORROR as the barber hacks at Jacks hair. I try to have him make a few changes to make it look half way decent and think that it is all over until he picks up the nastiest looking brush and before I can say NOOOOOO!!!!!! brushes Jacks hair. I don't even want to think about who has had their hair brushed with that brush...I still shiver every time just thinking about. I quickly paid my buck and hightailed it out of there praying that Jack would not have lice.

I got home, threw jack in a HOT bath, scrubbed until he was red and have been checking his scalp ever since. No creepy crawlies which has only increased my faith in prayer! The cut is a little scary but nothing a little pomade can't fix. The only real damage are my emotional scars! Next time I think I'll pay the additional dollar!


kristina said...

oh my! that is hillarious, and super scary too! so glad he is clean of any head bugs!! are you going to come and stay with me? we would LOVE it!!!!!

heidi & co said...

Ha! We are dying laughing! You paint such a great visual. That's what you get for bargain shopping in a 3rd world country. We want picts of the new doo

Hammer Time said...

Oh my hec. I've seen that shack before! Lets just say that I didn't get my haircut the whole 18 months I was in the DR!!!!!
Oh germs!!!!

Kaesy said...

I'm so glad it wasn't your hair. That had me a little scared for a second. Please bless Rachael doesn't get her hair cut in Cambodia. Amen.