Jingle Bells

I can't even begin to explain how great it has been to be home for Christmas! Having Dan here would have made it perfect...we are missing him terribly! Luckily I have the most unselfish husband in the world. He knew how important it would be for us to be home and for the kids to have a real Christmas filled with all the magic and fun we both had growing up!

Christmas Eve we had the age old tradition of opening PJ's.

Jane is loving the carpet and has become a crazy lady. She is absolutely LOVING all the attention from the girls, her Auntie Leah, and her Gram and Peeps!

Nora came over and we got all the little kiddos together for a picture. So cute!
Two peas in a pod
So cute in their new jammies!

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ShutterFreek.com said...

what an amazing family you have. it's been great to hang out....if only Ron and Mom had a basement so we could get crazy all up in there. love you!