Monkeying around

The other day we took the kids to Wat Phnom, a park in the city, that has 
Sambo the Elephant
You can feed Sambo bananas for just one dollar and if you ask me it's the best deal around...I mean who doesn't want to feed an elephant young or old, right? In the park there are also monkeys cruising around and on this particular day they were every where! The monkeys are known to be a little naughty so you try to keep your distance but at one point we had a monkey so close that even I got a little nervous and I've never seen Jack climb up my shoulders so fast! 
The only downer...it was HOT. I mean hot like I've never been hot before! 110 degrees with 80% humidity, we were all dripping with sweat! In the end it was worth it, Jack hasn't stopped talking about it and it helps remind me of all the cool things there are here!

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B and J said...

Rach! So fun! How cool to be able to see/be near so many fun animals! Your kids are getting big, I really can't believe it! i love your posts, keep it up!

Leah said...

FUN!!!! The kids look beautiful as always ; ) miss you soooooo much!!!

Kaesy said...

You have the coolest life. Seriously.