Oh Boy Oh Boy

Everyone is pretty excited about adding another boy to the family but no one as much as Jane.
She hasn't stopped smiling since hearing the news
she knows it sealed the deal for her to stay the most spoiled one in the family!

other funny pictures...Dan takes random pictures in the morning while I'm still trying to catch a few more minutes of beauty rest. Here is our little goof ball!
rub a dub
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Lance and Em said...

good, good, good!!!! He is going to be a dream boat just like Mr. Jack! Congrats!

ShutterFreek.com said...

Gosh dang it...I can't help but think that our family has some of the most amazing little ones on the planet. It chokes me up to think about the special bond they all will have as cousins. I can't wait to start organizing our own reunions and stuff. You're an amazing woman Rach and I love you very much. Praying for your successful transplant back into the states. Tell everyone i said hi.

kristina said...

Im so excited, cant even stand it! and I seriously cant believe how much Jane looks like the perfect combo of coco and bella! p.s. you can stay with us when you get back here!! can't wait!!

Cardon Family said...

Yeah for boys! Congrats!

Leah Finch said...

Another BOY; ) It's the year of the boys!
I am LAUGHING OUT LOUD at the bath-tub pictures. I love bath time at that age! Missing you BAD! Needing my sis! I love you and think of you all everyday!