Wacky Baby

Jane Taylor
My Wacky Wild Funny baby

Ever since posting the pictures of her in her pigtails everyone has mentioned how big she is and it dawned on me that she is getting big and has changed so much and I have done a horrible job of documenting it...SO here are some JANE updates.

Jane is FUNNY! She loves to do silly things to make us laugh and if we aren't laughing at what she is doing then she is laughing at herself
Jane knows lots of animal noises but her favorite is a dinosaur...ROAR!
She talks all day long and although we don't understand much she knows exactly what she is saying
Jane loves school, she takes off running everyday we drop Jack off and cries when we leave
Jane is a total nightmare at church and makes my life really difficult on Sundays
Jane loves to color and will sit and color longer then Jack will
Jane dances to anything that resembles music
Jane loves showing her daddy how cute she looks and will even do a little spin to show him the whole pictures
Jane wants to wear her swimsuit all day everyday and I have to hide it or she whines until it's on

Jane is still our baby for at least a couple more months and I am loving this stage right now. I would freeze time if I could!

Her new "oh my...don't I look cute!" face

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heidi & co said...

she's sooo beautiful and getting so big! Thanks for the updates Heidi

ShutterFreek.com said...

Love you Rachael. Cannot wait for you guys to be close. We need to start bonding our little ones. What's you plans anyway. Send me an email or something with an update!

Leah said...

LOve lOVe loVE her!!! More- I need more pictures of her!!! I miss you guys so much it hurts! I was looking at each picture on your banner and admiring how beautiful my little sister and her family are! You look amazing in all the photos and really haven't changed much from the 3 year old with cute dimples! Miss you! kiss Jack and Jane : *