The two Luke's. Look how different they look!

Luke looking cute as ever in Olea's bow! Hopefully Brandon never sees this picture he will be so mad at me!

All the kids lined up.

By the end everyone was getting a little tired!

They other day we had another play date with all the cousins and like always it was a lot of fun! We have decided that every time we get together we are going to take a picture to track how big they are getting. We had some pretty funny moments that we caught on camera. Hope you enjoy!


Debbie Jones said...

I love seeing all those cute babies! THanks for sharing! You can definitely tell who's who's--even though Jack doesn't look like you at all--ok--so the rest of them you know who they belong too--they are all so adorable! How fun to get together--tell everyone HI and tell Nat to get a blog going! I'm sure you've all talked to her about it--but don't give up! Take care!

Cardon Family said...

one word....jealous!:)

Leah Finch said...

NO FAIR!!!! Jack looks so big, and so does LUKE! I love it! I can't believe how much Luke Fish looks like Em! I can't wait to go up there! I love you!