Family, Friends, and Fun in Farmington

Pajama Party!
The kids had so much fun posing for the camera. Jack thinks the girls are the funniest and the girls love to give Jack lots of kisses! I love seeing the girls I miss them so much when I am in Utah, they are getting so big and have so much fun playing with Jack. Chloe loves to hold him...she was in hog heaven during the pictures.
I love these kids...they are so sweet!

This picture cracks me up because look at Ellie and Jack's face...zoned out! Jack is Ellie's brother from another mother!
Funny Faces!
Friends and new faces
I was so excited because Stephanie my very good friend from high school was in Farmington at the same time I was. I had no idea she was going to be there but I was looking at her blog and sure enough she had writen that she and her 2 month old baby Jake were flying in (thank you blogger!). Jake is a big boy and so cute! Jack was very interested in him and had a hard time controling himself!
Steph it was so good to see you, you and you baby both look great!
Jack testing the waters...

Getting a little closer...

A little too close...sorry Jake!

Me and Steph with our boys. So much fun!

Fun with Gram

We had so much fun this trip. I love coming down to Farmington and hanging with my favorite people. My two best friends, my mom and leah, both live here and I go crazy when I go for to long without seeing them. Here are some pictures from our day out with Gram.

Jack and Gram. Jack loves his Gram...especially when she is scratching his back!

Me and Jack ready for a fun day.

Jack and Ellie playing at Grannys house.

Thanks everyone for such a fun trip. Leah you are the best thanks for coming and getting me. Mom I need to clone you so I can have you up in Salt Lake too! I look foward to many more visits in the future!


kristina said...

ohh, i so wish we could have come down with you! i miss everyone so much, cute pictures!!

Steph and Tim said...

I am soooo glad we got to see each other! I miss you already. You look great and Jack is just such a handsome litte cutie!

Natalie said...

Looks like you had a great time at home - there's something about becoming a mommy that makes me more home sick...is it the same for you? So fun to catch up with your friend from High School.

Cardon Family said...

Don't you just love to go home! I bet it was so fun to be there hanging out! Gotta love farm-town!