Papa Mark's visit

Dad and Sandy posing with the babies.

Hungry boys ready to eat.

This weekend my Dad and Sandy came up for a quick visit. We ate a ton of really good food and just enjoyed spending time together. Sandy had the magic touch with Jack she could get him to sit on her lap for long periods of time (which is almost impossible). Jack really liked Papa Marks furry face...I've never met a baby who doesn't like my dad! We are really glad they decided to come it's always fun to get to see them. Thanks guys!


Leah Finch said...

I wish I was there! I love Jack's sweater!!! Ben and Bella need to smile!

The Hillan Fam said...

Fun! I haven't seen your dad in forever! Looks like fun!

Simons Family said...

Its so great to see pic's of your Dad! I haven't seen him for years! How fun!