My Mother's Day

I must say I am really getting the hang of this Mother's day thing!!! I definitely won't complain about a holiday that is all about treating mamma's right! My sweet husband really spoiled me this year with 2 pairs of really cute shoes and my favorite gift, some Ray Ban sunglasses...thanks hun you are the best! Then he took me to Snowbird for brunch and I think we will be making a tradition out of it. We went there for fathers day last year and both times it has been so yummy!

Jack decided to not cooperate so much for his loving mother. He was feeling a little under the weather and the poor thing tried very hard to be a good trooper but as you can see from the pictures he wasn't really diggin' it!

Jack was fascinated with the wall of snow!

Poor thing! He just wanted to run around like a mad man!

The sort of happy family :)

Jack was really getting sick of pictures!

Finally free at last!

Thanks for making me a mom Jack!

Later that evening our really good friends the Barnhisel's invited us over for some dessert and fun. I tried so hard to get a picture of Jack and their cute little guy Sean but they were busy little bee's...no time to stop for the camera!

Check out this awesome swing. It's made out of a tire and looks like a horse.

When Jack see's a slide he does not think "that looks like fun to go down" he thinks, "That looks like a blast to climb up!" Here he is climbing up the slide. Does this remind anyone else of Chloe???

With all the fun festivities Jack and Mom were pooped!

All in all I had a wonderful day and I couldn't be more happy to be the mother of my sweet little Jack! He has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined and life is sooo sweet!


Leah Finch said...

So Cute!!! I can't wait to see you ALL! I love your pouty face ; )

Rebecca said...

You can tell you love your life Rachael, you have always been beautiful, but now you just glow and are down right gorgeous! Your family is really good looking and sweet,it makes me impatient to start my family! Glad you are doing so well and glad you are so good at keeping up with your posts! I can't believe how much snow there still is up there, we had a rough winter, but its finally getting green here in Durango. I checked out some of your links- they are really cool, love them!

Kristina said...


Natalie said...

I don't know how I missed this post...you must have updated it right after I checked your blog out. You are so beautiful! And a great mom to boot!